When we take a journey together, I guide you through the purification process that I created that allows you to integrate and reunite all parts and pieces of yourself.   I hold space for you and provide the reflection of how beautiful and powerful I SEE YOU, how beautiful and powerful GOD sees you.


As your Soul Shaman, I guide you to discover your truth, your purpose, and mission in these human experiences. We face together the limiting beliefs, fears, past traumas, and any other densities or uncertainties that may prevent you from feeling free to create the reality that is serving.

The power that lies in this space is expansive and limitless allowing you to flow in life, instead of feeling the climb and struggle each day. You will find joy even in less than perfect times because you will know that each circumstance is but a blip on your path, a lesson to easily be learned and released.


This process of integrating all parts of yourself into a whole allows you to just know when it comes times to make a decision, it allows the weight to just fall off, the business to boom or career to just appear, and the doubt and fear you once experienced on a constant basis to transformed into faith, love and bliss.


Beautiful Soul, let's take a journey that will get to the root of virtually every "problem" you have and transform you into the limitless co-creator you chose to be. 

It is time for a Soul Evolution and expansive human experience. 

Each Journey takes place over 12 (90 minutes) sessions.

Each Journey is Unique to you. So whether you are just waking up and becoming more aware and ready to discover whom you are, looking to expand and understand your intuitive gifts, or stepping into self- mastery and ready to be a beacon of light for humanity, Johanna is able to guide you. Each mentorship is tailored to your goals.

The best part of this journey is having Johanna in your pocket in the moments that you need someone to turn to. Johanna's name means Grace, and grace means to hold space and provide pure infinite love and acceptance without judgment or direction unless requested. To listen and allow for your release of emotions to accepted, heard, and integrated back into pure love and light. 

We don't always need guidance, often we just need a safe space to release and reflected, hearing our own words and feeling our own vibration, can be a game-changer when in a safe container. 

Her mentorship also includes access to all of her digital experience already recorded. 

It will include but not limited to:

12 (90 min.) sessions on Zoom 

Energy work 

Access to her library of transmissions

Energetic Exchange is $3000.

Flexible Payment plans avail.


**One Year of The Self Mastery Academy is included for all Pay in Full Options. 

What people are saying...

Not only does Johanna give you the tools and education to self-healing, but creates an environment of encouragement, inspiration, and support. With the walkthrough guidance, resources and guided meditations, all of this is in your hands to use as frequently as you need.  I have been doing a lot of self-healing work on my own but to be able to apply the spiritual aspect and the steps of learning to love myself and forgive are huge. Many of us don’t take the time for ourselves or know how to ask for help. This is an easy step to get the time for yourself and the education on healing. I was able to break through some major life hangups.

- Tanya Lea, Photographer

It's time to KNOW your life's mission...

To KNOW the purpose in this human experience.

To LOVE yourself infinitely...

To TRUST yourself with everything...

To feel SAFE to relax and detach...

It's time to ALLOW this life to be in flow....

and To see your truth the eyes of your higher consciousness.

It is time for a Soul Evolution 


All that is required is for you to show up. I am waiting to be of service to you. 


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