Private mentorship is a safe and sacred journey. A relationship built using intimacy, vulnerability, and trust. We cultivate a space where the most vulnerable parts of you can come to feel safe, to be seen, heard, accepted, and loved, as they are, and without judgment. A space where we build session by session your new structure cultivated out of courage, faith, and bravery to do things differently. To operate differently.

On this journey, we each have important roles. I am the guide, the facilitator, shining the light on awareness and energies that already exist within your being. Guiding you step by step as we face the limiting beliefs, fears, past traumas, and any other densities or uncertainties that may prevent you from aligning with your desired reality that is already ready and available for you. 

Private Mentorship

Your role is to be committed to YOU, to show up for you, to hold space for you, to be consistent for you, and be willing to love yourself in all your forms as you transform. 


We do this through energy management and true integration.  Where we allow not only for the alchemy to take place but allow the rubble of what was, to crystalize into the wisdom that lays the path of what will be.


The power that lies in this space is expansive and limitless allowing you to flow in life, instead of feeling the climb and struggle each day. You will find joy even in less-than-perfect times because you will know that each circumstance is but a blip on your path, a lesson to easily be learned and utilized for the greater good.


This process of integrating all parts of yourself into a whole allows you to just know when it comes time to make a decision, it allows the weight to just fall off, the business to boom or the career to just appear, and the doubt and fear you once experienced on a constant basis to transformed into faith, love and bliss.


You will have access to the modalities and methods, like QET and The Purification Process,  that have transformed my life drastically. Not just externally but internally. We are not always able to control the external, but knowing you feel safe inside of you no matter what is happening outside of you, is an investment that continues to provide for you for the rest of your life. These modalities have many microcosms and are highly adaptable to work in the way you need them to.


We have six months together, with me in your back pocket, ready to hold space for you, cheering you on, reminding you of your greatness.


The journey we take will be unique to you. Whether our focus is on understanding and expanding your intuitive gifts, the journey of self-awareness where you shed and release the versions of you that are not serving you and build a larger, more substantial structure to be able to sustain higher frequencies, or a mix of the two.


Please know that no matter what our intentions there will always be fears, limiting beliefs, and deeply embedded trauma that we will face together. That energy, those emotions are the fuel and material that will be used to create the new.


In this six-month container, we will meet every other week, allowing for space for contemplation, reflection, and integration, so we can move forward building upon each session like a bridge until the new pathways are complete. 


We will have 13 sessions in total, access to me on Marco Pollo and What’s App in between sessions, and any other resources I feel from my arsenal that would serve or assist you including one full course to utilize alongside our time.


The investment for the private mentorship is $5000 when paid in full. 

Pay plans are avail and will come with a $250 additional fee.


What to really change the game? Add on a VIP experience.

VIP day is a magical experience because being in my energy in person is always a more intense experience. The energy is always amplified. Over our 24 hours together, in a gorgeous Air BnB in Texas, I will create a nurturing and transformative experience just for you. It will include everything you need minus the airfare. All the meals are tailored to you, and gifts, and staying in an environment and location that will help to regulate your nervous system for the highest integration. 

If you would like to upgrade to add in a VIP in-person experience, it is an additional $3000, bringing your total package of mentorship and the VIP day to $8000. 

*** airfare is not included in this price.

To review this includes:

13 (90 min.) sessions on Zoom 

Energy work 

Access to her library of transmissions

One full-length course

Access to WhatsApp and Marco Pollo Messenger services to have me in your back pocket when needed

VIP Upgrade: 

24 hours in a luxury Air BNB

All Meals

Tailored in-person experience

If you are ready, Email or message me directly


What people are saying...

"I was and hopefully will get the chance again in the future to be in private mentorship.

The changes showing up within me and around me are just incredible. If you want to get to know yourself, who you really are, and who you can be, then mentorship with Johanna will help you with all of it.

I wanted to open my heart and working with her on this process brought me back to myself and my inner guidance, it brought success in my carrier, and I moved into an amazing new bigger space with my children and found the love for myself again. The lightbulb moments just kept coming and every session left me with a new vibration, perception, and believes to literally turn my life around. The way Johanna holds space and guides you back to you and your answers is remarkable!!! Your life WILL change working with Johanna and when you are willing to do the work the outcomes are endless.

- Vanessa Franklin

Massage Therapist

It's time to KNOW your life's mission...

To KNOW the purpose of your human experience.

To LOVE yourself infinitely.

To TRUST yourself with everything.

To feel SAFE to relax and detach.

It's time to ALLOW this life to be in flow.

and To see your truth through the eyes of your higher consciousness.

It is time to Embody the totality of who you really are.


All that is required is for you to show up. I am waiting to be of service to you.