Welcome to Synergy - A weekend online workshop where we come together to make quantum leaps from where you are to where you want to be.

Never experienced one with me? Let me share with you!

Synergy workshops are designed for us to come together (online for now) and sinc our energy together creating its own collective field. 

We set the intention that whoev is chosen that we each receive something that applies to us to help us move forward once again on our journey into enlightenment and peace. 

Because the person who is chosen will be a mirror or match to you and it will be up to you and your level of consciousness on who it applies.

When and if you are chosen, you have my full presence along with the support of the collective energy, guides, loved ones, and angels who have come to support you. 

You have the opportunity to ask a question.
To receive help working through a lack or limitation. 
Inquiry and/or assistance with spiritual development.
Assistance with parts work and integration of self. 

The workshop lasts about 4.5 hours, with a  30 minute break around the two-hour mark! 

There are no guarantees everyone will be reached, but again the intention is for you to receive regardless because you would not have been drawn to be a part of this workshop if you were to receive nothing, you will always receive something even if it is through another questions and answer. 

We make huge quantum leaps to get you from where you are to where you want to be so that you can create the reality you are desiring. 

Are you ready?

You have two options for purchasing:

One time pass: $44

*Includes replay

A Monthly pass that includes exclusive bonus content.

$22 per month

* 3-month min commitment 

***All content will be stored here on my website.

There are no refunds - no exceptions, however, you may cancel anytime by canceling through your  account

 Please save the login link and log in information that you create to access your account and replays.


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