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As you awaken to more of yourself, it can be confusing not knowing where to begin, what comes next, and/or how to navigate your awakening.

From whom to trust when you don't trust yourself fully.

To what you you should learn to fully awaken your gifts.

Till now..

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leads you through the four stages of spiritual self-realization and awakening. We are not here to spend all day connecting to the ethers, guides, and loved ones. To open our gifts just to be of service and make money. 

We are here to remember we are more than this human experience.

To anchor and gound the higher knowing of infinite potential into this human vessel and to ascend with the body.

Because we chose to incarnate as a human because it would be a short cut to our souls evolution. So why not make the most of this experience and master as much of ourselves while we are in a dualistic reality where our internal is mirrored back to us?

This is The Souls Evolution. 


Often when we begin the journey of self-realization we developed this thirst for learning all the things.

Especially, connecting to and bringing through the higher knowing that you may see others doing as a medium, psychic, or coach.

However, what I learned the hard way and what to shed light on is, your gifts open the more you open. 

  • The more your density, your shadow selves are accepted and integrated into the light of your own heart.

  • The more space you hold for yourself.

  • The more you trust and love yourself.

  • The more present and aware you become.

Because otherwise, we are only forcing something to open that is not ready yet and for good reason.

The more expanded you become the more sensitive to energy you become and without the proper tools, this creates major suffering.



Stage One

The first stage of a spiritual awakening and self-realization journey is to liberate ourselves from our victim mentality.  We can only liberate ourselves from the mind, because the mind is our tool not our end all be all. 

The mind in itself is quite limited. It is a tool to help us navigate being human. However, when we awaken, often we are angry. Why would source creator allows us to have terrible experiences, traumatic events, childhoods, abuse, neglect, struggle and so much more.

This requires us to face our life from a very different lens and begin to see the beliefs, patterns, and programs that have been handed down epigenetically through many generations before us and choose to change them to ones that will serve and help to evolve us.

Stage 2

The second stage of awakening and self-realization journey is surrender. 

When I began my journey I would here other teachers speak of surrender and they made it seem so easy yet I could never find a teacher who really helped me to know HOW to surrender. 

How to truly let go of the pain, the doubt, the insecurity, the constant need for validation, acceptance and love.

My past felt so heavy.

My dreams felt so far away.

All I knew was my inability to fully surrender was keeping me in my own way.

I have made it my mission to help you master letting go and enter into complete relaxation of self. 

Stage 3

The third stage of an Awakening and Self-Realization journey is flow. 

This was another term I heard a lot of but struggled with what flow really meant and how to get into a flow.

What most won't tell you is, you can't flow without a solid restructuring of who you are and what you stand for. 

Because who you were before and what got you there, will NOT get you to where you are going next.

And you definitely can't flow if you haven't mastered surrender.  

However, let me tell you, once you have restructured yourself, flow because easy.  Life, energy, money, love, and time it all begins to flow fluidly and without force or exhaustion. 

Stage 4

The fourth and final stage of a spiritual awakening is Oneness or Unity.

Some would consider this enlightenment, which is only you literally lightening up.

 We do this by becoming intimate will ALL the parts of yourself.

Your density or shadows.

Your Ego.

Your Fear personalities.

Your inner children.

We embody and can into union with ALL these parts of ourselves as a family, working together to evolve and ascend our consciousness and our bodies.

Enlightenment and becoming one is not something you can force, it's something that happens whether we try or not. It is also not allusive or only reserved for a select few. It is available to all and more likely to happen when you begin demonstrating this practice to the universe. 


The best part about

Self Mastery Academy

is I have made it SUPER EASY for you!

You will gain access to ALL my

Digital learning experiences to navigate your awakening. 

Energy healing transmission to help you alchemize your density. 

All my webinars, masterclasses, classes, and more as it grows!


"Unity is just so beautiful. Words cannot describe it. I felt so free, powerful, magical and beautiful. During the retrieval part I heard the words blue avian. I felt a blue avian being had stepped forward to help me. And I kept seeing horses. Horses represent beauty, power and trust to me. They bring me so much peace, love and beauty. I also saw and felt my mom’s presence. We hugged. I miss and love her so much and it meant a lot to me to connect with her. When I opened my eyes I saw the color pink. These transmissions are so amazing and life-changing. Im feeling so grateful and appreciative to be a part of this. 


- Rachel Goodwin


Self Mastery Academy



As long as you are a monthly or yearly member you will have access to everything and all future updates.

Below are just some of what you will be accessing..

  • 5 Digital Experiences 

  • 2 Additional Digital Experiences opening this year. 

  • Over a $10K value if purchased separately.

  • Masterclasses, Webinars and Online Events.

  • All my paid energy healing transmissions.

  • Access to live online events past and future.

  • Pdf workbooks and community.

  • Upgrade options for support from me.

  • Monthly live Q &A's to help support you even more. 

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Beginner level

Over 4 hours of content helping you to uncover, declutter, and heal. Using Forgiveness, breathwork, and ways to uncover and declutter your life. 

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Open Now


Take a journey through your Gene Keys divine blueprint. Learning your personal road map of you created before you incarnated. Learn why you chose to have this human experience, your life's mission, your divine gifts and so much more. 

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Now Open


Reclamation is the final course in The Self Mastery Academy. This is where we 

Reclaim and reconcile all aspects of self from this life and beyond. Where we learn what it really means to come into UNION with all aspects of self. Receiving the gifts of that lifetime, space or time and no longer feeling the separation and limitation imposed by it.  

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Open Now

Beginner level

Beginner course to understand what your extra sensory superpower is.
 Understandings the clair's work and how to open them more.

Entry-level chakra understanding.

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Opening 2021


Master the divine masculine and feminine within you. Creating a strong, safe structure for your ego to surrender and allow your intuition and divine feminine energy to fill and receive with ease.  This will change your relationships and your business. 

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Open Now


Empowering the empath and highly sensitive within to learn and discern energy. To learn what is serving to their energy and what isn't and how to YOU personally transmute and transform energy.

and so much more.

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Open Now

Intermediate/ Advanced

It's time to come into Synergy with all aspects of self,  your ego, your inner children, your fear personalities, and your higher self. When we can all be on the same bus, going in the same direction,  we can begin to thrive and create the reality we desiring a lot faster. This holds the four frequencies that begin the integration process and takes us out of runner conflict and fight or flight. 






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** Not valid on Next Level

Upgrade your level of support to include one monthly 90 minute session with Johanna every month to help you process and work through any blocks, limitations, and frustrations. This is a guaranteed spot on my calendar. Limited spots available. 
Price is $2500 for the Year
or $300 Monthly
Email Johanna to Enroll:


"I took part in the Unity Beta test, this worked deeply and I have taken time to fully process and integrate. I do feel they helped clear some old stuck energies out of hiding so could acknowledge and process them so no longer triggering. Blocks I was experiencing before around stepping back into my work have lifted as well and excited about letting my light shine not just for myself but others once more. I look forward to what continues to evolve. "

—   Sarah Otis, Healer and Alchemist


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Johanna Burkhardt,


Johanna Burkhardt, is a Multi-Dimensional Teacher and Healer, Psychic Medium, Quantum Energy Facilitator, Certified DNA Resturtorer, Author and Creator of Quantum Accelarted Alchemy.  She has been seen in many magazines, podcasts, radio shows, and tele-summits. Johanna’s mission is to help awaken your intuition and help others to see the answers they seek are within them, to see the purpose behind the pain and take their power back and be conscious creators of their reality.




This experience is held on my site. You will be prompted to create a login to access the material.  Please bookmark it.
You will have access to a Facebook Group for support and accountability as well. 

Is there a schedule or videos to download?


This experience is all pre-recorded and you will have access to it all at once.  There will be several course launching over the remainder of 2020.

How long are the videos, transmissions and classes?

Each video class ranges from 30 minutes to an hour or more.

Each Transmission and/or mediation varys.

Who is this for?

This for anyone who has doubt, inner conflict, who is triggered a lot and manifesting undesirable people, places and things into their reality. 

For those who want to create the reality they are desiring. Classes for all levels. It is designed to stay with you from where ever you are to wherever you are going. 

Does this include Energy Healing?

YES!!! This uses my modality The Quantum Accelarted Alchemy Method.  Which is a mix of Somatic Healing, DNA Activation and Restructuring,  Regression, 12D Crystalline Healing, and the Akashic Records. 

If upgraded, there is often energy work in sessions. 

Can I cancel anytime?

If you choose the monthly option you may cancel anytime. No refunds are issued, so you are responsible to cancel within 72 hours of your next payment. 

Annual memberships can't be canceled or refunded. They are discounted for annual payment. 


NO. This work is dependant on you showing up and putting it into practice.

Once a payment plan has been created for you, you are responsible for ALL payment, even if you change your mind.  You are responsible for canceling at least 72 hours before the next payment is processed. 

My hope is that you all do, however all I can control is what is showing up for you and be your light.  Therefore your only guarantee in this is dependent on YOU showing up and putting the tools into practice.

I am not nor is this experience a magic pill, IT IS an easy beautiful method to create and embody the freedom to flow!


Email me your question: