These transmissions are a part of a large course known as UNITY. The goal of UNITY is to teach you how to make space and integrate higher self and your inner children into every cell of your being. Ensuring that you are manifesting from a WHOLE and SOVERIGN place instead of from wounds, limits, and fears.  

By purchasing these transmissions alone, you are choosing to receive the energy and not the instruction of how to integrate them for the long term.  

Each Healing Track is designed to listen to for 7 consecutive days. Feel free to take a day or two in between and above all else, follow your intuition over my instruction. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Week 1: The Root, The Transformation from Surviving to Thriving. (Beware there is toning and light language a few minutes in)

Week 2: The Sacral, The Transformation from Contracted to Expanded.

Week 3: The Solar Plexus, The Transformation from Disempowered to Empowered. Week 4: The Heart, The Transformation from Unworthy to Worthy.

Week 5: The Throat, The Transformation from Expressing Lies to Expressing Truth. Week 6: The Third Eye, The Transformation from See Illusions to Seeing Clearly.

Week 7: The Crown, Integrating into Unity.


This will be downloaded in a zip file format.  All files within are at least 60 minutes and are all MP3 style for easy listening.



The Seven Transmissions of UNITY



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