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Designed for children ages 8-14, your 21-day power guide and empowerment journal is structured to teach children to deal with life circumstances, their emotions and body changes in a constructive yet fun way. 

To empower children and tweens always to know their own worth, confidence, and love for themselves no matter what anyone else thinks or says. Ultimately creating their belief system not only of themselves but the world as they enter the all-important teen years and young adulthood.

This all-important age range is considered to be one of the most significant transitions in life. The time they learn their emotional intelligence which has to do with three main things: 
1. Their ability to listen
2. Their ability to communicate clearly
3. Their willingness to take responsibility for their own emotions. 


The 21- day guide and empowerment journal contain's two phases.

Phase one,  is the 21-day power guide. Each day  provides an affirmation and the guidance related to that affirmation and questions to expand their perspective. This space is not just to guide, but to allow a sacred space for reflection of their own emotions and experiences.

Phase two, provides sections based on their current emotion with affirmations and journal prompts for them to choose from to work through it or explore it.  In additional, it will helping them to open up their creativity and awareness. 

Become Your Own Super Hero: A 21 Day Power Guide and Empowerment Journal

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