Radical Acceptance and the path of enlightenment

The Peacock 🦚 has been showing up for me in full force. Some say to be in the presence of a peacock is to be in the presence of God.

Because the peacock is in full acceptance of itself. If you notice some say a peacock has ugly legs or feet, but they still proudly walk showing them off for it is the peacock's stability helping it to maintain a delicate balance of confidence and humility.

It is their foundation (no matter what it looks like) that allows them to display their majesty.

Because The Soul Evolution is about standing upon the wisdom of what was, so that you can choose in the now moment, how you want to experience the next now moment and showcasing it confidently without judgment.

Most people believe the awakening is the beginning, I used to be one of these people.

However, an awakening is really the ending.

End of all events, all the drama, all the attachment, and all the suffering. It’s like this long intense drama of you navigating your density and realizing more of yourself.

Because your awakening is a journey to bring you to the state of enlightenment. This is when you realize you were really sleeping the whole time you thought you were awake. It’s pretty crazy as I have been experiencing moments of this after a deeply healing experience I allowed to show up for me.

Enlightenment has often been shown as only available to the select few, the ones who “know all” and are pure. Some even believe it’s only a state that can be reached ethereally because we live in a dualistic environment physically, but that’s not the case.

But what if enlightenment is rare because it takes courage and commitment to transform your density and make space within you for the light to enter and take the driver's seat because the light will not enter the darkness without you because you are the light and the only way out is through.

But we had to let go of all we thought we knew, we had to let go of what we believe to be true, we had to let go of all we have experienced thus far and just open up to experience life multi-dimensionally, to become the observer and the observed.

This week someone asked me in my conscious creator's membership about how miracle healings occur, for example, if someone is diagnosed with cancers tumors and chooses to take the risky surgery to have them removed knowing there’s a chance they may not make it through only for the doctors to open them up and see the tumors are gone and there’s nothing to remove.

The response that came through was quite beautiful, when we face our own death and choose to accept it, we enter into the ultimate state of surrender and let go. The moment we face our own darkness and choose to accept it, we naturally let go and allow our light into what we only perceived prior to darkness.

Light is healing. Light is information. Light allows you to SEE all that is available to you.

Because letting go is not something that can be forced, only allowed. In fact the more you “try” to let go the more attached you become.

So instead of try, just do because what do you have to lose? Just allow your life to unfold, allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to be open to other possibilities without jumping in to control out of fear of what will happen.

Just observe and allow yourself to be observed by holding space and if it helps ask what would god do or how would God respond?

Then do it because pretty soon you will one day wake up and realize that god is not outside of you but within you.

Everything is but a dream 💎 and that dream can be everything you ever desires and more if you believe ❤️

All to evolve your soul,

Johanna Burkhardt

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