Powerful Bath Rituals to Cleanse Your Energy Quickly

As we collectively begin to shift into a higher dimensional reality, the energy being received and anchored will begin to be felt more intensely. If you are someone who has or is feeling these shifts, I want to share with you one of my favorite rituals to cleanse your energy quickly.

This ritual is a mixture of intention and herbs from Gaia. It always resets my system and allows you to start fresh, more relaxed and in an expanded awareness.

Ingredients needed:

Eucalyptus Leaves.

Hyssop Leaves


Hot water

All can be picked up at a metaphysical store and some health food stores locally or online. Just be sure they are organic!

Let's begin with HOT water. This is essential, because hot water instructs your blood to rush to the surface to protect the temperature of your organs. This is also why your skin looks red in hot water. However, this process also allows your largest organ (your skin) to absorb quickly and for your blood, which is now just below your skin to easily and quickly absorb the healing herbs. When your body begins to cool, your blood, now with powerful herbs infused will begin feeding your organs.

Now as the hot water is filling the tub we can begin to ritual.

Start by placing three hardy pinches of Eucalyptus into the water. Eucalyptus is known for its power to banish and extract toxins. Breaking down heavy energetic congestions in your meridians and organs. As you pinch and place the herbs into your tub, say in your mind or out loud,

"I now place Eucalyptus to break down any and all heavy blockages in my system, Thank you. "

Next, add three hardy pinches of Hyssop leaves. Hyssop is known for purification of your blood. After the Eucalyptus breaks down the blockages, we want to purify (which is just neutralizing it) and restructuring the red and white cells back to their original structure. As you pinch and place the herbs into your tub, say in your mind or out loud,

"I now place Hyssop to purify and restructure my body and the waters that run through me. Thank you"

Last, we place three hardy pinches of Chamomile. Chamomile is know for soothing your mind and body, in addition to bringing the energies of love and prosperity to the surface. This allows for out energy to come into a relaxed state, giving our adrenals, and our mind a break. Which is necessary to be healthy, happy, and in the present moment As you pinch and place the herbs into your tub, say in your mind or out loud,

"I now place Chamomile to activate and expand the love within me to infuse into every part of my being, allowing me to complete reset my energy."

Now, all that is left to do is relax with soft music, you can add candle's and crystals if you feel called as well.

Optimal time is twenty minutes. Then exit your tub. Be sure not to put anything with chemicals on your body after.

A bonus step if you are feel frisky is to stand in a cool or cold shower for about a minute, to send your blood quickly to your organs. If not, no worries, it will still be amazing!

Happy Bathing!

All to evolve your soul,

Johanna Burkhardt.

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