Lemuiran Perspective:The Great Void.  When we Feel we Have Been Halted.

The great void. A holding pattern. A time of lul or solitude. A time of non-movement and everything you are doing coming to a screeching halt. These times in our journey can be very disconcerting. They can invoke feelings of unworthiness, of doubt in our consciousness, and defeat in our heart.

At the time I am writing this, I am going through what I call "the great void. " Nothing is working; things I have created are falling away, and emotions are being upheaveled from the depths of my soul. I'm not going to lie; it doesn't feel good. Through my channelings and teachings, I always tell another who is going through this is to accept where they are, to not be in resistance to it. To just feel what it is that they are feeling, and accept that right now at this moment, it means nothing. It's just a feeling they are experiencing, energy in motion that needs to flow, be seen, and heard. A time to recalibrate and take time for ourselves as we integrate new energetic shifts in our consciousness.

As I sit here and go through this experience once again, this time, I wanted more answers. I want to know the purpose of going through this at all?

My guides always say there is a purpose behind our pain, and we benefit from everything that happens. I was angry that we light beings having a human experience, doing all we can to help humanity, must still go through these periods of holding. So as I took time for myself pondering this question, I began to receive a channeled messaged in response to my question:

" My dear, there will be times in your liner reality where we must place you in a holding pattern to allow humanity to realign with the energetic shifts that are happening. Often, lightworkers begin to accelerate very quickly and what attempt to do in your reality has little to no effect simply because humanity was not ready to receive it yet. Then we see you getting frustrated when some time has passed and someone else creates something similar, and the collective is receptive.

There are quite a few lightworkers like yourself who are on an accelerated path, you are dedicated, and listen to your guidance. However, you also don't take time for what's coming through into your consciousness to gestate and develop into what, you as a being, are meant to do with it. When it is put out into your world too early or when humanity is not ready, it becomes something that is tossed by the waste side and chalked up to a misread of the energy.

This is just not the case; it merely needed time to gestate. We place you into these holding patterns to allow for you to take some time just to open up your conscious to all the possibilities and opportunities that are within you and around you. To allow you to ponder all the ways you can explore the information that has come through and to enable them to grow and develop further.

We see when human beings are relaxed, and in play, they are more receptive to information. They are more open to allowing things to come and go and grow. This vibration is where the most growth happens, just by letting go and allowing things to flow.

While we understand your liner time often feels constricting, it is a shift in your consciousness to remain present in each moment and return to the knowing that trusting you are right where you need to be. Enabling you to release the resistance you are feeling. When you can shift and utilize these days of dormancy as a time of recalibration and synchronization with the collective you are working with evolving, everything will once again move fluidly. This ebb and flow will accelerate your conscious awareness and expand your manifestations.

When humans resist the energy of dormancy, they stifle their power and remain stuck in the suffering of their own making. Humans have been conditioned to believe that they must work hard, that they must be busy, doing, doing, doing to be worthy of receiving. To be worthy of relaxing.

When we believe the exact opposite to be true, we believe that when humans take time to relax their being and allow their energy to expand they receive exactly what the need in alignment to what they are here to contribute. Which then presents the opportunity to take inspired action. Allowing the actions to create manifestations which appear very quickly into your physical existence.

To conclude, when you find yourself in these periods of dormancy that you call the void, allow it to be a time of recalibration and expansion. To put into human terms that might be more suitable for your understanding, allow it to be vacation days from your day to day and make the most of this time by resynchronizing your system and allowing the physical world to catch up to your energetic shift. This time will allow for your evolution to flow.

When you resist what is, you are simply in resistance.

It becomes the dominant energy in your energetic field. “Accept, and you will receive."

- The Ninth-dimensional Lemurian collective.

I am here to tell you as a metaphysical teacher and beacon of light in my community, I still have moments of struggle and can sometimes find myself in moments of resistance while in these periods of dormancy. It is my awareness that I need to allow this to happen that saves me from remaining stuck in this "holding". I don't always like it, and no one is asking you to. We do not have to like it to accept it. As I often say to my daughter and clients, can you just be okay with not being okay in this moment? Can you surrender to the emotion that is present in your energy and take this time to be?

I wrote myself a permission slip to do and be anything I wanted for the next few days as I take time to recalibrate my energy. Through this process, I was able to receive a greater understanding of the purpose behind these moments in our human existence. I hope it helps you shift your perception as much as it did for me.

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