The power of projection and the shift that needs to happen. How are you manifesting?

Manifesting is a vast topic today, in fact so much so that it is a billion dollar industry. Yes, you read that right, billion, (multi-billion actually). Just because we are always seeking outside of ourselves and projecting our pain into our reality and into the world really, creating suffering that validates your pain, which I am here to tell you, is SELF-created.

Hear me out!

Ask yourself what does projection mean to you?

Have you heard the term what you focus on expands? I mean let's be real if you are a follower of me, it should be cemented into your brain by now.

Projection is POWER, a super power and if we all change the way we used this power, we could literally change the world!

So often the fear, sadness, and chaos going on within us isn't even ours to entertain. At that moment you are not actually faced with a "problem," we are hypothesizing what "could" happen, instead of what IS happening. The reality is our primitive brain doesn't know the difference between the fear that in a week we won't be able to make our mortgage payment and a tiger getting ready to eat us. So when we focus on what "could" happen instead of what IS happening at this moment, we actually call it in and manifest it into reality.

We cause our own suffering and then attach to it, weighing us down and taking us out of the flow of the peace within. What we focus on expands into the world not just into our reality. When you pity another, you take away their power, but your perception of another or situation has the potential to cultivate change.

Think about it, what if you saw hope instead of devastation?

What if you saw freedom instead of homelessness?

What if you saw how abundant someone was instead of how poor they were?

What if you saw the purpose behind the pain or the power it now gives them instead of pitying and suffering with them?

I know what you are going to say, what if you are in the throes of something that is dark and painful? What if I lost my job? Can't pay my bills? Lost a loved one? Experienced a hurricane, earthquake, fire or flood? Then what...

Let me say this...

What if the dark is the place we go to plant seeds of hope?

What if every word we think or speak is a seed that is planted within our internal garden? What if that seed we sow grows into a tree that produces the fruit we will one day eat?

Are you planting seeds of hope, love and gratitude or fear, lack and suffering?

Can you imagine the shift in consciousness and the hope we could be expanding if we projected from our hearts instead? From what our truth is in this moment instead of what "could" happen 5 minutes from now, next week or next year? What if we used this superpower to shift our own realities, healing our own suffering and by proxy healing the world?

I cry as I write this because I spent a very long time in the dark, having pity for myself and taking away my own power. I AM able to SEE the purpose behind the pain; I can SEE I am here to shift the perception for all of humanity and I welcome that in with open arms and say challenge accepted.

Next time you find yourself in the dark, ask what seeds of hope would I enjoy planting? How can I water them and give them light to grow? The next time you find yourself hypothesizing about the what "could" happen, ask yourself what is my truth at this moment, and can I accept and be grateful for that? Can I choose to let that expand?

We are always manifesting you see; we manifest from the inside out! This is the simplest way to break down ALL the universe laws because we have the whole universe within us and project it out around us. You want to change your reality, start with you!

I love you. You are worthy. You are enough. You are whole. You have all the answers inside of you!

Let me show you!

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