My Top Ten ways to manage your frequency

Being an empath means that you ARE a highly sensitive person as well. Instead of just sensing the energy easily you also choose to take it on. That's right, I said it, WE CHOOSE.

Because it is in the discerning of whats ours and whats not that we can learn to choose our empathic ability in ways that is highly serving. Before we can do that though, we must 1) understand our energy and 2) learn how to then manage that frequency. Staying in a aligned vibration is something that is available. So let's dive right in.

#10: Eat Clean. Yes it's time to cut out the processed foods. It doesn't mean we have to deprive ourselves, but food is energy, are you eating heavy or light? Does it fuel you or bog you down?

#9: Exercise: Yes we need to move the energy. It isn't about vanity, looking good, etc, it's about moving the energy and allowing that infinite flow versus building up.

#8 Self-Care: This can be many things from daily salt baths, to nature walks or just relaxing when you feel called to. You can NOT pour from an empty cup, it is a disservice to those you are trying to help if you are doing it from a deleted space.

#7: Grounding: This means to anchor into your physical body. You can do this by meditating, breath work, walking in nature, really anything that allows you to tune in to you, not someone else.

#6: Supplements: Here are m favorite supplements to help keep my energy flowing. Nature's Answer Alcohol-Free Ashwagandha Root, 2-Fluid Ounces

Selenium best used in conjunction with Vitamin E

Nature's Bounty Magnesium, 500 mg

These supplements really helped with my thyroid imbalance, adrenal fatigue and hair loss among others things.

#5: Detach from the toxicity: Detach from ANYTHING in your life that is toxic and not serving. The best thing I ever did was cut out the nightly or morning news and all the collective energy of fear that comes through it.

#4: Reduce/Eliminate the stimulants: We are already highly sensitive, stimulants just magnify that energy and allow it to manifest as chaos, anxiety and fzrazzledness. Stimulants refer to unnatural sugar, caffeine, alcohol and of course drug use.

#3: Discern what is your's and what isn't: This is one people tend to struggle with the most, yet it is the most useful tool. If you so not know what your energy feels like ALONE, then spend some time feeling what you are a like with out interference. That way when something comes in you can recognize it. You can always simply ask as well, is this mine? or someone else's? either way you can ask it to leave if its not serving .

#2: Boundaries: This is NOT energy protection, it is more of a malleable energy fence. Where you have a moment to see what energy is coming toward you and you can allow it to move through you or to stop and take the time to see what it has to offer you. You can watch the YouTube video above for more on how to set up your boundaries.

#1: Command: YOU ARE THE COMMANDER OF YOUR SHIP. Our physical bodies are our vehicles for our light bodies, we are the ones who get to decided who boards and who doesn't, what we hold on to and what we let go of. YOU are in charge!

I hope this helps you aligned to your beautiful gift of Empathicness, please comment your take aways <3

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