What does grounding even mean?

In the beginning of my awakening and spiritual journey, people used to tell me all the time "you need to ground" and I would just say okay, while secretly thinking, WTF does that even mean. I would stand outside in the grass barefoot, later discovered this is actually earthing! No one ever could explain what it actual meant to ground myself. It wasn't until at least a year into my journey that I discovered via channeling of a being what grounding actually meant.

Are you ready? I am about to blow your mind!

Grounding means to embody the 5th dimensional and higher energies into this 3D Human experience. It means we are connect above and below without separation. I noticed in the beginning I was living in the upper 3 chakras, and ignoring my lower three chakras, not connecting them to flow together through the bridge of my heart. I was other grounded into 3D or flying high in 5D and beyond. Why couldn't it be both?

It can! We can be present, centered, with our energy flowing and connected all at the same time. So often people think when we ground we are disconnecting from the higher dimensions to be present here on earth, when in reality it means to bring those energies down and integrate that flow as you go about your human life, creating heaven on earth.

It truly is this simple.

Anytime during the day that I feel myself get flustered, overwhelmed or distracted I return my feet flat to the ground and tune into my heat space allowing my breathe to regulate. I then begin to slowly move my breath up and down my spine and allowing the my life force blood and breath to open and expand.

I would love to share my daily practice with you!

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