How to know if you are an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person

The biggest misconception people have today is the difference between an Empath and a Highly Sensitive person, and an Empath is actually both. The biggest difference between the two is an Empath absorbs and embodies the feelings of another, including the collectives, while if you are only a highly sensitive person you can feel it or sense it, but won't embody it.

For example, have you ever gone some where and were in a great mood, next thing you know you are angry and over it and there is really NO reason for you to feel that way? if yes then you embodied another emotion as your own, you attached it to you without even realizing it.

More example include:

Seeing your child go from perfectly fine to a hot mess tantrum in an instant with no real reason for it, your child is definitely an empath.

Maybe your friend suffered a loss of some kind and suddenly you begin to feel as if YOU actually suffered that loss yourself.

If you are really tuned in, you can even feel from the collective. I would watch the news and see a tragedy taking place and begin to panic as if I was a part of the tragedy. I would feel fear and panic, it was so crazy to me and I would actually feel crazy for it.

You can be a highly sensitive person and NOT be an empath however.

So here are the top signs you are a "Highly Sensitive person" and I have every one of these.

1. Feels others pains, sadness and happiness.

2. Startles easily at sudden noises, fast traffic, or other surprises.

3. Highly ticklish.

4. Food sensitivities.

5. Human BS detector and can sense when people are authentic or not.

6. Often thinks and worries about things you shouldn't or are NOT yours to worry about.

7. Anxiety social or otherwise.

8. Overwhelm in crowds or public.

9. Often take things personally.

10. Often overreacts to real or perceived slights and provocations.

11. Often feels like people are judgmental, even when there’s no strong evidence.

12. Excessively worries about other's approval.

13. Feels uncomfortable when exposed to bright lights, loud sounds, or certain strong scents.

14. Headaches or migraines, especially when stressed.

15. Often hides negative feelings, believing they are too strong, turbulent, embarrassing or vulnerable to share; keeps a lot of negative emotions inside.

16. Struggles with addiction to something.

The best effects:

17. Greater ability to listen and affirm another.

18. Highly Intuitive.

19. Better understanding of others' wants and needs.

20. Better understanding of what another is going through.

How do you know if you are an EMPATH as well? You will have a lot of the above AND embody anther's emotions as stated above. You will literally be able to feel the pain or happiness of another as if it is happening to you.

Being an Empath and/or a highly sensitive person is a GIFT, a beautiful one at that. It allows you to love and experience love in another in magical ways, It offers you the ability to live by using your senses and experiencing life in ways most take for granted.

You do not have to experience the adverse affects like anxiety, exhaustion, fear and isolation (or the desire to be isolated). You no longer have to medicate or repress. I spent a long time doing all those things to help me avoid feeling anything to be honest. When I began to feel again, I needed help and "Protecting my energy" was the first thing I was told and it wasn't working for me, I needed to transmute my energy, not shield myself from others.

This process changed my life and has allowed me to begin to help my own children who are empaths. I would love to share this 90 minute Masterclass with you, if you feel called.

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