I surrender to my truth and to choose to shine on.

I often share with my tribe the importance of owning your truth, of stepping into the dark that's been hiding away deep inside us, so that we may find our true inner light and power. The process of reaching the CORE wound from which we built Mount Everest upon inside us. The revealing of your truth is what sets us free.

One morning in meditation I found myself on a shamanic journey through the eye of alchemy for me to see and experience the final unveiling of some experiences, I had not yet been willing to face. I am choosing to open up and share the channeled message that came through after I experienced my journey, along with my own personal insight mixed in.

Facing our truth isn't easy. Seeing the wrong we have done in the past to others, whether it was out of malice or because you didn't know any better. These are the experiences and events that compound our core wound, prove to ourselves that we are unworthy, undeserving, or incapable of being anything other than a "nobody special".

On this shamanic journey, where I allowed myself to be led and experience what I needed to see, I was confronting some truths I had locked away. I was opening doors that were filled with pain I thought I had locked away, but as I stepped through the threshold of these doors I was met with inquiry and fuel. I was not here to experience "pain" again, I was here to use this information as fuel. Whatever happened that I had locked away, can't be change, undone, I can't inexperience it, because none of that gets me any closer to freedom.

On this journey I had to chose if I was ready to release myself. I had to chose if I was ready to collect all the pain, the blame, the victim ideology, and all my thoughts and feelings I had attached to myself. I had to choose to roll them all up together into a ball and hand them over to all that is, pure unconditional love, for myself and the others involved. I was allowing for the transmutation of this dark, heavy sticky ball that had been weighing on me for so long into fresh open space to receive. Receiving had been something I had kept myself doing for so long.

We when we choose to release ourselves from what we can not fix, what we have no control over, what no longer serves us, we get what we have been searching for, Freedom and Peace.


It is accepting what we can't change what was and choosing to love ourselves anyway.

It's not forgetting. But its using it as fuel to create a better future for ourselves and the collective human race.

This is what it means when I say there is purpose behind your pain.

We can choose to suffer, to struggle, to hold on for dear life to what we have conditioned ourselves to believe, or we can also choose to blow it up and see our truth for what it is, an opportunity to change and heal ourselves and thereby the world.

This is evolution.

The Apocalypse is not the end of the world, it's the rebirth of what we know this world to be. A Chance for humanity to return home, to lead from their heart in community not hierarchy.

This is my truth. My core would is Denial.

I have spent most of my life blaming others for everything, playing the victim, the martyr, denying when I was wrong, proving that you are wrong, feeling denied, denying myself and yet I was no closer to healing until the pain of change out weighed the pain of remaining the same and I embarked on my journey of healing.

I thought I had to just unlearn all conditioning and dogma in order to see I was already WHOLE, what I realized is I could heal the core wound and blow up the mountain I had built on top of it piece by piece and it would come down easily this time because I was removing a piece and and choosing NOT to replace it with another.

I was ending the loop of no where.

I was done and ready to feel FREE.

My mission is to help others shift their vibration an ignite there light.

To shift from fear to love.

We don't have to do the "healing work" forever, we can just choose to be healed.

It's time we light up, we shift our vibration for good, and step into who we always were intended to be. That person is never lost of gone, she was just locked away .....

Don't you think it's time we set here free?