Messages from the womb and beyond.

Could you use messages from the womb?

This gift of mine blows me away more and more with every session I facilitate. The connection that comes through, feeling their pure unconditional love energy, hearing their heart beats and providing messages to their mom confirming and directing them to things that I couldn't possibly know. Every session my gift gets stronger and new things happen. I am also beginning to see a common thread between them all and IT ALWAYS comes back to raising their frequency.

In these beautiful sessions here is what I have learned...

Our energy is so magnetic; it flows, encompasses and spreads far and wide. It is so powerful! When we become the vehicle in which another energetic being is going to join us in this world, it can be overwhelming. You are introducing to your energy another frequency to adjust too and becoming the conductor of it. You begin programming and coding, if you will, their energetic frequencies and DNA.

So when question then becomes, whats your frequency made up of? Are you stressed? Are you breathing or is it constricted? Are you loving yourself or judging yourself? What are you feeling? Eating? Overdoing?

Are you listening to your body and enjoying this phenomenal experience?

I don't' say any of this to scare you, I have two children and I definitely can see my emotional issues when they were in the womb, being reflected back to me today! It's crazy how that works. My point is, emotional turbulence is a low vibe frequency and living in that energy has been known to cause disease and/or intensify its progression. This is something that I had feared for a long time, working with children in general, it felt like a heavy responsibility.

The truth is more babies are being born today already awake, switched on and ready to go. They are transitioning in the womb as well, not just the parents preparing for birth or to be parents. They need comfort, love and connection as well. It reached a point where I just had to surrender and trust that they beautiful energetic high frequencies babies were coming to ME from the womb for a reason greater than I could fathom and step into it.

I wish I had someone like me when I was pregnant, lord knows I could have used it. Please know our children will still have their own evolving to do while they're here. They still choose to come into this human experience for a reason. They still need to be guided to own their own emotions, self-worth and communicate well. While I can see the emotional turbulence in my children, they have watched me heal my personal issues; I am choosing to be that example for them and I am guiding them to do the same. I even wrote a book for my son, who was beginning to struggle with these issues and bullying of course, but that's for another time.

As of today, I have relayed messages to mom's to be to: Remember to breathe. To stop drinking milk (dairy in general, they say is low vibrational food). Which if I might add is a real bummer because I love me some cheese, or used to anyway. To walk outside and be in nature more. To listen to Mozart ( so crazy, right?)

I have seen loved ones that have passed over acknowledging these beautiful souls.

So many more I can't even remember...

I have facilitated energetic work on the womb itself, strengthened and increased its elasticity, to infuse gold-copper energy into the umbilical cord to strengthen the connection between mom and child and even performed energetic clearing down the spin, clearing passed lives and energy that does not need to be carried forward into this life.

So how can I not go down this road? How can I not step into this gift and learn and evolve my modality and connection even more? How can ignore the connection I feel to these beautiful children and souls.

I CAN"T! I am prepared to raise the vibrations and help shift the next generation because shifting frequencies and igniting new lights is what I do best.

I am here. I am worthy. I am the lighthouse.

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