When Tragedy Strikes, turn on the light.

My heart is breaking as I'm sure your's is regarding this tragedy in Florida. I have cried off and on since the news first broke.

When will humanity as a whole understand what is really going on here?

When will the light bulb illuminate that shows us what the real "problem" is.

Have you noticed that when tragedy strikes, we tend to come together? However, when we need to come together to heal as a whole, we pull apart and separate focusing on who's right and who's wrong. We focus on the guns, the violence, and the political views. We focus on what separates us. We focus on something else, so we don't have to look at ourselves.


We all are responsible for these senseless actions. We all play a small part in some way when we choose to separate ourselves from each other. None of us are innocent.

The term it takes a village is not just a saying, its the truth. When I say, "when you heal yourself; you heal the world" is the truth.

We all need to take responsibility for our part and love ourselves, love each other and see with compassion and kindness. Not separation and judgment. Rise up and see yourself in them.

Blame will get us nowhere.

Being or acting the victim will get us nowhere.

Ownership, acceptance, love, compassion, and understanding of ourselves help us to do the same for thy neighbor, child and/or stranger. Help us to reach out more, listen more and be of service more.


We can continue to see the negative and blame, or we can CHOOSE to change our perspective and see with love and compassion. What makes us think that persecution of anyone, judgment of anyone makes anything better? While we can't control what others do, but we can change our reactions.

The ripple effect is far greater than most of us realize. We have an opportunity in every moment to shift; it's never too late.

Be the lighthouse. Be the most authentic, loving version of yourself, see everything with love and remember before you can serve another, you must first learn to serve yourself. IT ALWAYS STARTS WITH YOU.

This is not to excuse, it's bring awareness to the bigger picture. I am choosing to speak my truth and inject a new perspective into the collective. Let's rise up and light up!

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