The Secret to lasting success. How to transcend your B.S. and discover lasting success.

The Secret to lasting success

We would all be lying if we said we have never experienced the fear of failure, those paralyzing what if thoughts. What if we create "the thing" and it flops and the only response is the crickets you hear off in the distance. Failing in business is what makes or breaks you, in my opinion. You will either jump to the next thing you think will make you a dollar or stand rooted in what you believe is the highest service to yourself and others, and tweak your approach. Today, the online business world has exploded, and not just the coaching industry, network marketing, and even major corporations are moving to more virtual positions. Have you ever asked yourself why we desire this type of work?

Most people step into this online space thinking they will be an overnight success, making buckets of money, while sipping Mai Tai's on the beach somewhere tropical. Isn’t that what your news feed is full of these days? How to make 10K, 20K, or even 40K in the next thirty days if you just follow this one system they want to teach you. A system that provides a shortcut from failure after failure and brings you right to success. While I don’t doubt it could defiantly help some people, the majority will follow these programs and still fail, only to go looking for the next easy solution.

Listen, I am not judging, as I was one of those people. I spent thousands upon thousands looking for the quickest way to reach success and build my business, only to fail again and again. I had to stop and ask myself why nothing I learned or tried was working? The answer was profound; I didn't believe deep down I was worthy of receiving and I surely didn't feel whole. I allowed my worth to come from my level of success, money, and followers,

I felt lost. I had detoured from my purpose and played the victim to my circumstances, fears, and insecurities. I was not taking responsibility for the real reason behind my failures. I wasn’t owning my B.S., let alone trying to transform it. It wouldn’t have mattered if the best in the business trained me without a firm belief in myself and the answers to the real questions.

This realization was the energetic shift that changed it all.

I already had the answers. I had just buried them under years of inherited beliefs, social conditioning, damaging self-worth patterns and primal fear. It was time to take a step back and go within. To face and move through each dark shadow to find my light by peeling back layer by layer till I reached my root, my core essence of who I was and what I most desired. I discovered I just wanted freedom.

Freedom not only financially, or physically, real freedom. That space where there is no pressure, no time constructs and no attachment. Where I began creating and sharing the most amazing experiences from a place of pure wholeness and love. Becoming so lit up that I started to attract all of my desires like a moth to a flame, manifestation in it's purest form. Entirely in the flow of all life twists and turns, allowing each experience that comes in to be just that, an experience. Nothing more, nothing less. The ultimate success.

I now understand the true meaning of living and working in flow, being rooted so securely in myself that I just allow the wind to bend and sway me, but never break me. Sharing from my most authentic place and becoming a beacon of light, lighting the way for others.

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