Embracing the Shadows

Have you ever wondered what shadow work really is and how it's going to change anything for you?

I want to lay that wonder to rest once and for all. A shadow is essentially a fear. All healing is essentially a release from fear. When I first began this work in 2016, I read every book about healing myself, I practiced every forgiveness exercise, had energy work done and hired the best mentors trying to find all the answers to how to "overcome" my fears and fast track me to where I wanted to be. I wanted to feel FREE and at PEACE. I wanted to be successful in my business and help others to step into their light, where they could claim their freedom, abundance and peace. ➡️ I was tired of feeling like I wouldn't prosper from doing what I love; what lights me up. ➡️ I was tired of the fear of taking the initiative in the first place or to change to a new direction. ➡️ I was tired of fearing judgement, imperfection, not knowing enough yet or being labeled a fraud. I was postponing constantly! I was always thinking when I have "more money", "my kids are older", "when I lose the weight", etc, etc, etc, ... Guess what? Those were just excuses (FEARS) that I was succumbing to instead of walking through that fear (dark shadow) where I could see the truth, the light and that it was just an illusion all along. The what I was perceiving was just a reflection of how I felt about myself and that I CAN CHOOSE to change that perception by accepting and loving myself where I was NO MATTER WHAT. But as I have shared before the answer was not outside myself, it was within. As I went within, I began feeling like their was a piece to my puzzle missing. Going within is only half the battle, what I was searching for was the other.... Before we incarnate, we set up a golden path of things that we want to learn in this human experience. Obstacles and shadows to move through. We have a souls purpose in our vocation. and we also have FREEWILL. While the path is predestined it is also created as we go in the moment. We can make the path have more twists and turns, be bumpier or smoother, easy or harder. This is the freewill aspect of it. We can also do circles and more circles as we"feel stuck" . This is where working your shadows comes in.... Knowing YOUR unique golden path and shadow sequence in combination with energy work and how to move THROUGH IT to where the light is, can make this golden path that much smoother and easier. It allows us to open our heart, know ourselves on the deepest level, trust and believe in ourselves so deeply that we become rooted and unable to be blown down. Instead we lean and bend and flow. SHADOW WORK is the key that unlocks the doors to ALL YOUR DESIRES. Its not a temporary fix, its the foundation on which your life, business and relationships are built. it is the strongest foundation you ever build. While there are lots of opinions on how to do this work, none are wrong. Its what we feel is right for us and feels true for us. What I found is by NOT restricting it to one style or method and instead allowing it be customized to each individual, it becomes a process of tuning your own instrument to YOU. Each person likes their instrument tuned differently, one that fits you may not fit another. When you become in tune, you begin to put out that magical frequency, like a song that just makes you want to get up and dance. The one you just can't get enough of. That frequency is the sweet spot of manifestation, inner peace and freedom. This is why the answers you are searching for will NEVER be outside of you, but rather WITHIN YOU!

You can be guided, but the work, the transformation comes FROM YOU!

When you step into and embrace your suffering, you find grace.

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