5 Top Essential Oils to help lessen anxious, sad feelings and lack of motivation.

Trust me when I say I understand what is like to having anxiety, stress and depression. The feeling of tightness in my chest, the shallow breathing that feels more like suffocation and the tension in my jaw, body and head. I was always trying to resist it, fight and try to make it stop, only to make it worse. This continued until my body decided it was going to shut down, mimicking a stroke and sending me into ICU for 3 days of constant testing.

Medication helped in the beginning but after just a few short months, it was more than obvious it was just completely numbing me out. I had no emotion or just wanted to sleep all day. It is fair to mention that I wasn't just taking anxiety medication, I was also on a antidepressant. Never the less the medication definetly was not serving my greater good or health. I choose to wean myself off my medication and begin to feel again and truly heal my anxiety and depression with radical forgivness, shadow work and massive self love.

It doesn't mean I never have moments of anxiety or depressive moods, it just means I am more aware and more equipped to accept and care for myself in a holistic way. While I believe prescriptions have their place, I also firmly believe that our bodies were designed to heal themselves. I believe in using resources from mother nature to aid our bodies in this process and have began to really integrate over the counter medications, prescriptions for oils, herbs, and chemical free options.

With a 2014 study showing a link between anti-anxiety medications and dementia, there is more reason than ever for RAs to research the uplifting benefits of essential oils.

Another study conducted in Taiwan in 2011 provided clearer and more powerful evidence. The authors selected elementary school teachers, who are known to work under significant stress, and used an inhalation of bergamot C. aurantium var. bergamia essential oil as the method of administration; they focused on the physiological stress signals that are easy to record and straightforward to interpret. They found that even a 10-minute-long weekly inhalation of aromatherapy resulted in a significant reduction of blood pressure and heart rate, and drove autonomic nervous activity toward a balanced state. In addition, participants with moderate and high degrees of anxiety benefited more than the light anxiety group. See more from the complete article on these studies [here].

While I don't recommend doing anything without discussing it with your doctor first, I do believe that starting to incorporate holistic approaches and these oils alone or blended as a part of your daily routine, you will notice a difference in your mood. Below are the Top 5 Essential Oils for helping to reduce anxious, sad feelings, lack of motivation and general mood boosting.

  • Lavender: lavender helps promote peace with its calming effect and restful scents.

  • Ylang ylang: Thanks to its uplifting and calming scents, ylang ylang is know to be helpful as a mood enhancer and calming agent.

  • Bergamot: My absolute favorite and uplifting scents really help boost my mood and energy, bergamot can also help with relaxation (if you are lacking energy, it is a good oil to use in combination with other stress oils).

  • Frankincense: This oil helps prompt tranquil energy along with spiritual grounding. It is particularly helpful to use during yoga and general meditation.

  • Chamomile: While helping to lessen irritability and worry, chamomile promotes inner harmony with its peaceful scent. It’s also a great mood-lifter.

There are so many effective ways to use essential oils singularly or in combination. 2-3 drops on your skin ( wrists, behind the ears or on the neck), 5 drops or so in a warm bath, blended together using a carrier oil like coconut oil and of course in a diffuser.

These 5 essential oils also support you in numerous another way...

  • Bergamot: helps lessen heavy emotions, reduces sad feelings, helps lessen joint and muscle pain, soothes skin irritations, works as a sedative, cleanses oily skin and bacteria with its cleansing properties, lessens occasional anxious feelings, and can help reduce cough.

  • Lavender: Lessen anxious and sad feelings, may help promote healthy blood sugar, Improve brain function, helps with burns and wounds, Improve sleep, improve skin complexion and reduce acne, helps lessen age spots and lines, helps reduce dark spots, lessen pain, and lessen headaches.

  • Frankincense: Helps reduce emotional reactions and negative emotions, helps boost immune system function , may help deal with chemotherapy side effects, astringent and can reduce harmful germs and bacteria, helps skin and the signs of aging, helps to balances hormone levels, eases tummy issues, help you to get restful sleep and helps decrease inflammation and pain.

  • Chamomile: Helps to lessen anxious, upset or elevated emotions, promotes healthy immune and respitory systom, helps with tummy issues, awesome to add to skin care, help reduce excess gas.

  • Ylang ylang: May boost heart health, mood enhancer, skin health preserver, natural energizer, can help with PMS, great to add to your hair care, can help with tummy issues, and boost mood.

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