Essential Oils to aid in Holistic Healing: Lavender

We are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of not only prescription drugs but over the counter drugs, such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen and cold medicines. Excessive and daily use of prescription and over the counter medicines have been found to lead to stomach ulcers, liver damage and kidney disease to name a few; which can be prevented with natural healing methods like essential oils.

The questions I am asked most are what oils do I use and is the brand of oil important?

While I am partial to DoTerra, my only suggestions are to do your homework and make sure that the essential oil is a 100% pure, no fillers from a trusted company.

Let's start with Lavender Oil.

Lavender Essential Oil is the most used essential oil in the world today, but the benefits of lavender were actually discovered over 2.500 years ago. Lavender has powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, sedative, calming, and anti-depressive properties. It can be used on its own by placing a small amount on the area in questions or mixed with other essential oils and a carrier oil for a custom combination. Today, lavender oil can be used to help with:

Reducing anxiety and emotional stress - It has been proven that Lavender is a natural remedy for lessening anxious and stressful feelings. It helps with restlessness, insomnia, and nervousness.

Reduces Migraine Headaches, joint pain and arthritis - Lavenders anti-inflammatory properties dilates blood vessels and regulates serotonin levels relieving inflammation and pain. Rub a few drops directly onto the affected area, add 10 drops to a roller bottle combined with a carrier oil or 5 drops to a warm epsom salt bath.

Helps to aid in healing burns, cuts and scrapes - Lavender essential oil has a powerful antiseptic properties. Applying it to wounds can not only increase cell growth causing wounds to heal faster, but it also decreases the appearance of scars. The oils antimicrobial action protects wounds from infection while it heals. It has also been know to cool and heal a sunburn by mixing it with peppermint essential oil and a carrier oil.

Promotes healthy hair and scalp- Lavender oil is extracted from the flowers of Lavandula angustifolia. It is mild and soothing, and can be used for all types of hair. When massaged into the scalp, it can improve blood circulation, promote hair growth, help with dandruff and assist in preventing hair loss. It has also been know to help kill Lice and their eggs.

Helps Improves sleep - While Lavender oil isn't going to magically make you fall asleep, it does have calming effects on the mind allowing you to relax and fall asleep easier. You can rub 2-3 drops on your feet, temples, wrist or you can add 5-10 drops to a small spray bottle mixed with water and spray your pillow nightly.

Helps Improves Brain Function and Memory - The neurological benefits of Lavender essential oil doesn't stop at it's ability to lessen sad emotions and boost your mood. Research also shows that lavender oil may assist and help in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Studies conducted show that inhaling lavender essential oil vapor can help to prevent brain oxidative stress and improve cognitive impairment.

Reduce Acne complexion issues - Lavender essential oils have profound benefits on your skin thanks to it antimicrobials properties and antioxidant characteristics. It tackles the root of the problem and is still gentle on the skin. Kills the bacteria on the skin, soothes and protects the skin from irritation and stress. It doesn't just fight acne thought, Lavender oil has been found to help with healing dry skin, dark spots and scars caused by acne. Just place a few drops in your palm and gently massage the oil on the affected area.

With so many other uses of Lavender oil combined with other oils and applied with a carrier oil your healing and restorative possibilities are endless. Join the holistic revolution and grab your essential oils and supplies below. Stay tuned for healing oil uses.

Additional quick uses for Lavender Oil

  • use Lavender oil on a cotton ball to freshen closets

  • use 3-4 drops in smelly shoes

  • mix 10 drops with a cup of baking soda for a chemical free carpet freshener and deodorizer

  • Add a few drops to your washer to freshen laundry

  • Put 3-5 drops on a wool dryer ball for natural and faster drying

  • Add a drop of Lavender to various recipes in baking and cooking to enhance the flavor

  • Place a cotton ball with a few drops of Lavender in your pantry to keep it free of odors

  • Mix Lavender essential oil and distilled water in a spray bottle to use in your vehicle as a deodorizer

  • Spray lavender and distilled water on furniture to get rid of odors

  • Put 2-3 drops in the inside of the toilet paper roll in your bathroom to keep it fresh

  • Use a few drops on your wrists, ankles, and behind your ears to keep mosquitoes and moths away


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