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Divine Design Sessions

for Purpose & Mission.

I believe every person should KNOW with every fiber in their being the purpose of their existence as a human. Their mission to be of service to humanity, what will open and expand their personal power, their connection to source, and how to unlock their prosperity.  This is a one-time session only and I do allow you to record it. 

We will meet on Zoom, I will read and connect with your energy, your timelines, your higher self, guides, and loved ones, as well as, use your Human Design and Gene Keys chart to give you the most accurate information using our infinite potential to help you create the life of your dreams.

**Date of Birth, Exact TIme of Birth ( usually on your birth cert.), and city/state born in required at the time of scheduling. 


Session Length: 60 mins.

Energy Exchange is: $150

**After payment, please wait to be rerouted to calendar
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Quantum Accelerated Alchemy

Quantum Accelerated Alchemy is a method of healing I created that combines shamanism, 12D Crystalline healing, Somatic Healing, The Akashic Records, and DNA Activation and restructuring into one healing session.

During our 90 Minute Session, we will de-layer and get to the root of whatever block, fear, limiting belief, trauma, and/or pattern that you believe is keeping you stuck.  We will be calling on your ancestors, your guides to assist us in the akashic records to receive the wisdom that will help you shift your programming and close the session with beautiful healing using different planetary energies, alchemizing, and restructuring the cellular memory. These sessions will completely transform your life, leave you feeling amazing, and with tools to help you on your journey!

These sessions are for those who are a little more advanced on their journey.

Energetic Exchange: $222

Session Length: 90 mins.

**After payment, please wait to be rerouted to calendar

What people are saying..

"When we met, I had no idea what was happening or how I was going to get through it. I felt confused, lost and to be completely honest, hopeless. In 4 month my income has doubled from $60k to a projected $120k per year. What is more important is that my work is now in tune with the emotions I wanted to experience: FREEDOM, SECURITY & CREATIVITY!” 

- Jillian Richman, Soulfull CEO


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