Holy Grail

The journey through my souls' evolution

Johanna Burkhardt's long-awaited book is

- Synopsis -

Whether we are aware of it or not, we each seek the Holy Grail. The one thing, the key, that will unlock everything in this game of life we are playing. Allowing us to feel free, empowered, healthy, and happy. Over the generations, we humans, have been programmed to seek outside of ourselves for the answers. Till the day comes we realize that the answers are all within. Thus begins the journey of awakening our sovereignty. 


The Holy Grail is a beautifully interwoven mix of Johanna Burkhardt’s story of healing and the channeled information that led her to find the holy grail within her.  With radical responsibility and vulnerability, she dives into how she was guided to heal from a life of suffering filled with trauma and grief and begin the journey of awakening. Her story is one we can all relate to at some level, written during the great awakening, as many courageously begin the journey of their own soul’s evolution.  


This is not just another self-help book, it is a living transmission. Each word is encoded with the language of light to activate and unlock the remembrance of who you truly are. Each time you read it, the living transmission meets you where you are to take you to the next level of awareness. 

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About Johanna:

Johanna Burkhardt is an internationally known Multi-Dimensional Channel, Medium, Trauma-informed Coach, Author,  Motivational Speaker, Quantum Energy Facilitator, Certified DNA Activation and  Restructurer, and Creator of The Purification Process. Her mission is to assist us in living in totality, where we become the alchemists of our own lives and move from surviving to thriving and begin to create the reality we are desiring. 

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