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" The Future of Medicine is Frequencies "

--Albert Einstein

What is Healy? 
It is a wearable device that sends frequencies in the form of micro-current, for physical pain, emotional balancing and overall well-being.  It actually enlivens the cells with more life force. It is a class 2 FDA approved device and there is currently nothing comparable to what the Healy does in this way on the market.
It was just launched in the USA, May 1st, 2020 from Germany.  It has been created for individuals to take greater control of their personal health.

Micro-currents have been used for healing since the 1920’s.  What is unique about the Healy and it has various programs for specific conditions and programs that focus on various body functions like  hormones, circulation; and symptoms related to menopause, joint pain, headaches/migraines, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and allergies, and programs for weight loss, detox, overall wellbeing and learning disabilities. 

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I personally recommend the Resonance, it is the most expensive version, however, it houses ALL the frequencies and can be used to diagnose others as well.  Be sure to click the partner box when purchasing so that you can refer another and be compensated for your referall. 
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The Healy App
The Healy App
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