It's time to heal 

HEAL, a course in radical forgiveness and self-love is something we all need in our life and I would recommend to EVERYONE. This course will guide you off the merry-go-round of life and in the fast lane to all that you truly desire to have in your life. This course will crack you wide open and allow for massive healing and transformation.

It will show you how to accept what has happened or is happening and how to work through it quickly. Holding on to, pushing down, avoiding the pain, the mistakes, the guilt, grief, and resentments will creating limiting beliefs and keep you stuck in more of the same.

This is a self-paced digital course. Each module is listed below:

Module 1: 
Johanna will guide us through uncovering all the hidden places our guilt, pain, resentment and grief lives. To take an honest look at all aspects of our lives and get real with ourselves. Create a master list that we will use to work the course again and again. No more excuses. We dig deep.

Module 2: 
We examine our health, all of it ( Mind, Body & Spirit). We learn about how all the different types of stress, pain, and sadness affect our body. We learn to heal from within, instead of medicating, numbing and suffering.

Module 3:
Johanna guides us through the different radical forgiveness processes including Ho'oponopono and other techniques she has personally used. Along with guiding us to create our own ritual using many different tools to practice daily. Consistency is the key to true healing.

Module 4:
Johanna guides us through some breath work to help us LET GO. Using our breath and movement we can truly feel what it's like to release all that has been stuck in our bodies. When you use these different techniques we can learn to HEAL ourselves using the greatest gift of all, Breath.

Module 5:
It's time to create a new story. The process of healing requires us to unlearn old patterns and limiting beliefs and learn new ones. In this module, we learn processes and exercises to help us heal and love ourselves unconditionally. We now can begin to rebuild your strength, confidence, and self-love.

Module 6: 
Learn to live a RAD lifestyle by being constantly aware. In this state, we can Recognize when we are detouring, Adjust our route and Deal with the feelings and issues in the moment. We learn how to stay in the flow of life.

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