Have you tried ALL the ways to manifest money, to call in the relationship, the business or job opportunities yet find that it just doesn’t work for you?

Or that you find temporary success and can’t retain it???

Lord... I feel you!!!

I can’t tell you how many readings I have had over the years asking other healers, other readers to help me uncover the reason, only to hear time and time again the words...




My first reaction every time would be um, wrong, I am totally worthy!!!

I know what I bring to the table.
I know how powerful my work is.
I know I am worthy.
I know I am enough.

But what I wasn’t fully understanding was my thoughts or knowing that I was worthy and enough, wasn’t what was communicating with the universe.

My Subconscious and unconscious part of my being, that makes up 95% of my energy, that house's the cellular memory of this lifetime, all lifetimes and 7 generations proceeding me, was doing the talking.....

That part of me did not believe, did not remember it’s worth. I had to release the unconscious programming and bring my mind, my heart, and my body into coherence,

they all had to be on the same page and brought into UNION.

And boom... the energy shifted.


“I had the most amazing experience listening to the transmission this morning! Two hours later, I'm still buzzing from it .” 

—  Debbie

Now, to be clear this isn't just a cookie-cutter run of the mill digital offering.

No No No!!!

This is an energetic healing experience to bring ALL parts of your being into

UNION so that you can begin to create the reality you are

DESIRING and put an END to creating more lack, frustration, and separation.❤️

11 Video Training's 

7 Transmissions using QAAM healing

3 bonus video's

PDF printable downloads 

Sacred space to feel safe while integrating. 

All guiding you through bringing the unconscious conscious to transform it, alchemize it

and create coherence in our lives.

The 7 transmissions will be using my method of healing that works to restructure the cells not just “clear them”.

Reprogramming the cells to know that it is SAFE to:


To be loved

To be seen

To be heard

To be wealthy

To be successful

To be and feel healthy, vibrant and full of light

and of course to share our light with the world.


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