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Quantum Soul Session allow me to be your Soul Guide and a bridge of consciousness to help you find the anwsers that you seek with in you. 

This is an integrated experience of diving deep into one particular issue, limiting belief, fear or perceived block and bringing the truth and the lie into your awareness and integrating the dense/heavy energy back into light through a quantum energy session using my Purification Healing Method ® .


The Purification Healing Method ® works by purifying all your energetic bodies, your physical structures, restructures your DNA and accelerates the integration process. Activating you into higher consciousness creating a quantum leap into the embodiment of your sovereign being.


Each session I invite the galactic beings and angelic's that are showing up for YOU to step forward and work through me in addition too  my spiritual team that likes to be known as "The Collective". No two sessions are alike. You will be given tools to help you integrate your new light body and tools to help you expand it.  These sessions are conducted via Zoom. Learn more about Quantum Soul Session in this >> 3-minute Video.

Energetic Exchange is $444 for 90 mins.


Purpose - Power - Prosperity  Reading.

I believe every person should KNOW with every fiber in their being the purpose of their existence as a human. Their mission to be of service to humanity, what will open and explode their personal power and connection to source and how to unlock their prosperity.  This is a one time reading only and I do allow you to record it. 

We will meet on Zoom, I will read and connect with your energy, guides, and loved ones, as well as, use your Human design chart to give you the most accurate information for you to create the life of your dreams.

The calls are 60 minutes with an option for you to record it.

Energy Exchange is: $150

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What is a DNA Activation?

Using intuitive guidance, energetic awareness, and conscious intent, healing frequencies can be delivered to the morphogenetic fields that surround us in the shape of belief systems and energy patterns of behavior.


The food we eat, the air we breathe, the words we speak and the ecological systems in which we live influence the switches that turn on and off the expression of our genes and DNA. Additionally, the signals generated from our perceptions of the world we live in, our thoughts, beliefs, prayers, meditations, and intentions influence our inner environment, cause chemical changes in our body and brain and affect the way our genes communicate instructions to our cells and literally have the effect of altering and activating our DNA. 


The DNA Restructure Method Ⓡ allows me to restructure your DNA to its original divine template and activating the remembrance of your soul's truth and sealing it in to become your new baseline or zero point. 


The 12-strand Sacred DNA Restructure is for everyone.  In fact, we all come into this human experience with a 12 strand template. 3 strands are activated at birth, the rest lay dominate. This is perfect for someone who isn’t a healer, yet, but wants to move into that role.


If you’re already a healer or lightworker, the 24-strand DNA Restructuring is the optimal option for you. You’ll see a quantum leap in your psychic and healing abilities as you move from the 3d to 5d plane. This is perfect for someone who wants to remove any obstacles placed in the genetic code. This allows you to realize your full vision. 

What makes me different is the time I take with each strand. The messages I bring forth from the angelic and extra-dimensional races that have stepped forward to help you evolve. Our carbon-based DNA within our bodies is our ethereal DNA manifested into form. When we activate the dormant DNA, we are essentially turning on a light and allowing you to see the power it carries and integrated into your already formed DNA.  The restructuring allows for me to transform what is stored in the dormant or active DNA into love and high vibrational energy, oftentimes clearing programming, conditioning and ancestorial information that is not serving.


Unlike others, I record myself in a meditative/trance state working on your DNA, for the purpose of you listening back. I have found that this accelerates the integration process so much more.  The recording is yours to keep and allows you to experience in a way the work that has already been done within you. 


12 & 24 Strand Activations are $444 EA. if purchased separately

or you can purchase both at once ( The 24 strand button) for  $750. (Saving $138) ***




****By purchasing you agree to the terms and conditions laid out below. Each practitioner does this process differently and most use their own methods mixed in. Please note after you purchase I will email you with more information if we have not already spoken. DNA activations are not like standard healings. I tune into your higher self and guides to determine what day will be the highest and best for me to work with your DNA for Maximum transformation.   This means your activation could happen within a week of purchase or three to four weeks, I check in with you weekly to let you know I haven't forgotten about you.  I am also working with a list of people who have already purchased.  Patience will be required. 

No refunds - No exceptions. 

Please allow 48 hours for me to email you with more information.

What people are saying about DNA Restructuring...

"I had been wanting to get my DNA activated for a while now. I am so happy that Johanna was the person I chose to activate and restructure my DNA!🧬 Her attention to detail and the time she devoted to the process is only a small part of this transformative gift. Johanna provides a detailed account of what happens during the process and is there with you every step of the way. If you have questions or concerns she is there for you. Johanna deeply connects with you and works from there in a safe space. Johanna truly is a Soul Shaman"


—  Kate Costello, Alchemical Acupuncturist