Digital Course's and Masterclasses 

The Matrix of Conscious Creation Level 1
For the soul NEW to their awakening journey.  A course designed to help you step into your WARRIOR self to activate, liberate and accelerate your awakening by expanding your mental awareness with ease and grace.  Step out of the victim, and the shoulda, woulda, coulda's of your life. Begin to learn from your higher self.

Enrollment Opening this spring.

The Matrix of Conscious Creation Level 2
For the soul's who are ready to step into the creation of their reality consciously by diving deep into their emotional body
Level 2 is designed to help you embody all aspects of yourself. To learn acceptance, surrender, trust, empowerment and how to ACTIVATE your creator energy. 
You are always manifesting, you are the one that decides if you want to manifest consciously or unconsciously.   
reset and reclaim.png
Reset and Reclaim
Welcome to the foundations of boundaries.
This extensive co-created course allows you to dive deep into the true meaning of boundaries and self-respect.
Helping you to understand how YOU are designed to transmute energies from your mind and body.
8 plus hours of learning.
8 gorgeous workbooks.
Its time to become an empowered empath and create a structure to help you be successful in relationships.