Are you ready to go from where you are to where you want to be? 

I have created many digital journies for you to choose from created from me turning my own pain into purpose with the help of the guides from the highest light. 

Not only are they all amazing journies for you to take but they are all currently $198 or less until further notice.

I decided even though some of these courses originally were priced anywhere from  $333 to $5555 and valued at way more, I wanted them to be assessable to everyone and that price felt most aligned for right now. In addition, each person who invests in a journey below will receive an opportunity to be an affiliate and make at least $66 per digital journey referral.

It feels good to share the wealth. 

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The Self Mastery Academy.

Getting your masters in YOU.

The Academy Allows you to access ALL

experiences at your pace in addition to

my monthly events!!

In a world that has conditioned us to pay to learn something outside of us, leaving us dependant on using that skill for someone else. The New Earth will only require you to master yourself. Master trusting yourself, your emotions, your mind. Getting to know and becoming one with the family inside of you that's been hurt, abandoned, rejected, and denied. When you come into synergy and unity with all of yourself, the world opens up and you will never second guess yourself.  Join us!


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Making it only $125 a month.


Over a $10K Value. 

Awaken the Magic

Are you new to your spiritual Journey?

Want to learn the basics?

Over 5 modules you will awaken your own magic by:

  • Learning how to set your sacred space, Sacred Ritual, and Energy Protection.

  • Learn ways in which to connect to spirit guides, ArchAngels, Goddess, and Masters.

  • How to discover what spiritual gifts (clairs) are your primary gifts and how to begin opening these gifts.

  • A journey through the chakras. Learn about each of the 7 main chakras, how to know when they are in or out of balance, and more.

This course is also available in The Self Mastery Academy.

Exchange:  $88


A Course in Radical forgiveness and Self-Acceptance.
Level 1

HEAL is designed to help liberate you from the wounds the pain you.

We dive into:

- How to uncover the root wounds, programs, and patterns that keep us stuck.

- How to forgive yourself and others fully.

How to really accept and love yourself.

This course is also available in The Self Mastery Academy.

Normal exchange: $333

Sale: $198

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Empowering and Mastering the Empath Within

Reset and Reclaim is an 8 module experience to help empower the empath within. An opportunity to reset and reclaim your divine power. To learn and discern your energy versus another. Learning the tools necessary to never again need to "protect your energy". To learn boundaries, self-care by design, and how to manage your energy.

This course is also available in 
The Self Mastery Academy 

Normal Exchange $555

Sale $198

Devotion Exp..png

The Devotion Experience

Take a journey through your Divine Life Path with Gene Keys.

This was a live 8-month experience diving deep in how to read your own life path, purpose, mission, and plan using Richard Rudds modality of Gene Keys. ​ Ashley Pfeffer and I take you through each Gene Key sphere and pathway helping you to understand how to use it and allow you to contemplate your particular energy.  The Live experience was $5500.

Access the replays and harness the energy of this experience for $1111.

This course is also available in The Self Mastery Academy. 

SALE $198


A QAAM Experience

UNITY is a 9-week Quantum Accelerated Alchemy Experience to end the frustrating patterns, and cycles of lack, limitation, and separation. To create the reality you are desiring by being whom you were always born to be.

This course is also available in

The Self Mastery Academy


Normal Exchange $777

SALE $198

Reclamation Main Cover.png


Reclaiming and Reconciling All parts and pieces of you. 

Reclamation is the final course in my academy for a reason. It is the bones of the magic I bring into private mentorship and for those who are reaching mastery.

We journey deep into parts work and reclaim and integrate the fragements of self that have left you inner conflict, struggle, bad relationships, money issues, and deep wounds.

Also known as parts work, it helps us to reclaim and reconcile past lives, inner children, protector personalities, fear personaities, and more. 

This course has the potential to quantum leap your life ten fold, these teachings have catapulted so many  private clients to where they wanted to be. 

Are you ready to set into your mastery?

Now Open 

SALE $198


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