Digital Course's and Masterclasses 

My Soul Awakening Digital Course
For the soul NEW to their awakening journey.  A course designed to help you navigate your awakening with ease and grace.  In a time when you want to learn "all the things",  we forget to learn the new energy we are moving into.  Let's set you up for success.

Enrollment Opening Soon

My Soul Discovery Digital Experience
For the soul's who are ready to take a deep dive into who they are. How their mind works best,  how to transmute heavy emotions and trauma for their divine blueprint and of course their mission in this world. 
When you complete this experience you will KNOW yourself. How you were designed to operate not how you have been conditioned to operate. 

Stay tuned for enrollment dates

My Soul Flow Experience
For the soul who is reading to take the leap from self-discovery to self-mastery.
This four-month experience is designed to help you embody the freedom to flow within any scenario. To finally exit, the Ferris wheel of repeat experiences, and to activate, liberate and massively accelerate your soul's journey. 

Over four months we will:
Activate your infinite awareness and omnipresence within you. So that you become the MASTER of your energy, the MASTER of observing your life from all points of view. Reducing triggers, and allowing you to always know what your life force is telling you!!

You will begin to HACK your subconscious and align your mind to follow your heart. Stripping away the judgment of our wounding and understand what is at the core of your perceived wounding underneath all the masks that your ego feeds it.

Liberating yourself from the false programming.

You will learn to MASTER AND EMBODY living in a state of surrender. Allowing your life force energy to lead. Investing in creation and possibilities instead of the outcome and certainty.

You will accelerate your soul's evolution and journey by learning the 3 energies that BLOCK AND UNLOCK your prosperity. In addition to some short cuts to ensuring that your practice turns into an embodiment of your new tools.

An embodiment of the freedom to flow within any scenario IS the accelerated path!

It’s time for you to find within you that peace and freedom you have been seeking.

It’s time to TRUST yourself completely.

reset and reclaim.png

When I first woke up in 2011 I didn’t know it then but nothing felt like me anymore, my beliefs systems were changing, My friends were changing, my life was changing. 

In 2015, all my metaphysical sense came online and I had no idea what was happening to me, I felt like a victim to something I didn't even sign up for. and began seeking for anyone and anything I could to help me.

I had to stop seeking outside of me.
I had to stop being the victim of my circumstances.
I had to stop blaming everything I went through and was feeling on things outside of me.

This is THE PURPOSE behind Reset and Reclaim. 
We want each and everyone person who is READY to build a stable foundation WITHIN them. 

So WHEN they open their business, enter that relationship, do all the things it’s building upon secure stable concretes and not quicksand.

So you can FEEL how fucking powerful and magickal YOU are.

I spent my whole life feeling reject and pushed down because emotions energy was so big and my light was so bright it intimidated people. Then i realized one day, it’s not my job to make them feel good by making myself smaller, it’s my job to stand tall and shine anyway and leading by the example.

Are you ready to build your foundation?
Are you ready to change your world?