Tools for children and families

The greatest tool we own as parents are love, acceptance, and allowance of our child(ren) as they are. Getting down on their level, being present with them, vulnerable, authentic and patient. They desire nothing more than to be seen and heard no matter how silly, us as the adults, may think it is.  


Children have a way of triggered emotions that already live within us giving us an opportunity to show them how to heal, how to own those emotions, versus project, repress, deny or reject them.  Remember, children learn by watching and doing, not by listening and doing. As the story goes monkey see, monkey do.  


Most of my tools help to open the doors of communication in a judgment free way. Creating a space to connect, contemplate, discuss and really listen to each other and connecting with our hearts not our minds. 

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Meditation station

Meditation is a wonderful tool to help children quiet their minds and tune back into their heart space. While my most common response from parents on this topic is my child won't sit still to meditate and my answer is they don't have too.

A fabulous routine is playing a mediation as they lay in bed at night. You, of course, can join them by softly raking their hair or rubbing their back as they begin to tune, helping them to relax, quiet their mind and release all the negative programming and energies and emotions that are not of their highest good. This provides them with a more restful sleep.


Check back often for more meditations to come, or subscribe to my YoutTube channel. 


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