How to channel your I AM presence.

When you think of channeling do you only think of connecting with and allowing archangels, ascended masters and galactic beings speaking through you? Channeling is just energy flowing through you and there are many ways you channel.


  • You can channel energy for healings, meditations, and activations.

  • You can channel beings such as angels, ascended masters, galactic's and past loved ones. 

  • You can channel through your writing in books and blogs.

  • You can channel YOU, your higher self, and your self at different spaces and time ( ie future or inner children)


Channeling has always seemed to be a fascination by so many who are "awake" and who are not.

I remember as a child watching Sylvia Brown on The Montel Williams shows channel and give her future predictions and always was blown away by her gifts, little did I know I had the same ability, I just didn't remember it was there and available.  When I did become aware, I immediately wanted to connect with my guides, angels and loved ones seeking answers outside of myself.  While I understand because I have been there, I want to gift you the ability to channel yourself FIRST. 


This will allow you to not only TRUST when you do begin to channel other beings, but it also will allow you to grab onto the fact that you already have access to EVERYTHING you need within you.


Your I AM presence is your source, your well of ALL KNOWING.   When you begin to tap into your I AM energy you also see you are ONE and not separate from the beings, angels, ascended masters and others.


It also helps you to ground what you are receiving into "human" language and not fancy over your head terminology. It's the KEY that unlocks everything. 

Starting Monday, Nov. 5th, 2018 We will start a 5-day challenge where we will practice connecting and channeling your higher I AM presence. You will receive access to one of my Masterclass, normally only available through my paid membership, The Soul Light Tribe, to teach you how to connect in meditation and consciously. 


There will be daily check-ins and a chance to win a 90 min. Quantum Soul Session, for those who  participate daily! Join us for this amazing challenge.  It will take place in my Group - Ignite your light, you can also sign up below to be notified each day!


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