My Ego wanted to have a party.

Have you ever had one of those days where you woke up and just knew it was going to be a bad day?

That was me yesterday. I literally woke and could feel the resistance in the air. I tried to push past it and say it's going to be a good day but when I asked for guidance in my meditation my cards revealed that was a lie.... (I really just love saying that).

After every meditation, I pull an Oracle card for myself to receive any messages from my guides. Yesterday's messages, as 3 cards flew out of the deck was a theme I couldn't understand at the time, mainly because I was already all up in my own head.  My guides were trying to tell me to let go. To stop trying to control the outcome of the situation I felt I was facing. That I would be faced with a fork in the road and need to make a CONSCIOUS decision and whatever I decide I must take responsibility for it and last to ride the wave. 

My response was ...WHAT?!?! 

Oh and I forgot to mention that I have a dream the night before about a family of Orangutans who had moved into my 3 million dollar apartment. (I would never buy a 3 million dollar apartment) it was vivid, so I knew there was another meaning I wasn't seeing.  Upon further investigation, I would come to realize it was a sign that a rough time was ahead. 

Well, they nailed that shit. Yesterday sucked! 

I have really become quite good at going from in my head to the present moment and returning to faith quickly. So when I began to feel like I was locked in the prison of my own mind with no way out about 5 hours later in the day, I knew this was going to be a doozy. Literally like a jail with me banging on the bars having a tantrum.

I hadn't been this way in a long time and was seriously contemplating taking the easy way out. Just numbing it out to get through the night. To give in to my egoic mind who is saying just go get that bottle of wine and why you're at it grab a pizza and some candy. Let's throw an ego party and forget about it. This was my go to for years and years, I had this battle in my head for no joke, about 2 hours before I said, NOPE there has to be a better way. I will just wake up tomorrow more pissed at myself feeling like crap and oh my problem will still be there, So I am going to go ahead and face it head on now.

I asked myself what do you really want right now? Answer: Peace.

Where can you find peace right now? Answer: The Beach

I grabbed my son and headed to the beach by my house. We spent the next 45 minutes in my happy place, soaking up the salt water and watching the sunset. I instantly felt peace. 

I returned home and began cleaning my house, it's my go to when I just need to be in the present moment. The present moment is the only place that is real, that is safe. I can't predict the future, can you?  I could make a decision today that will change tomorrows outcome in a blink of an eye.  I just needed to look at the facts. Everything has always worked out for me, even if it wasn't the way I planned for it. It was time to remember as I embark on new business adventures and tap into my spiritual gift's even more, my ego will roar louder and louder.

Our mind, ego, whatever you want to call it is there to protect us. It keep's us paying safe and small. It has its purpose, but this definitely wasn't it.  F that, I want to push myself to amazing things, so I am choosing to live in my heart, to lean on God, Universal Energy, and Faith. I choose to surrender the BS and say, what is meant to be will be, so why fight with myself. What a waste of my energy.

 So, in the end, I want you to know your ego is going to want to throw a lot of parties. It will try to imprison you in your own mind of limiting beliefs, BS fears and you need to know IT'S NOT REAL.  Get present. Find your happy place. Surrender and ride the wave all the way to peace.

Special thanks to my spiritual bestie Kendra for always having my back and letting me spew my ego BS into the light. You are the best. 

All my love,

Johanna Burkhardt


Network Marketing, Craze or Phase?

Did you know that over 5,500 people join network marketing companies each day in the U.S. alone looking to be their own boss? They set out to create their dream team, work on their own time and become financially free, creating security for their future instead of someone else's.  

Women especially crave the “have it all” lifestyle. Working pool side from our cell phones as we watch the money roll in. Never having to call in sick from work again because our kids are sick, taking vacations when and where we want and creating a legacy to pass down to our children.  

What most women are doing sadly is just buying the dream. When they sign up and realize they have to work, like a lot, to build their team and clientele, the dream quickly fades and they continue working for someone else contributing to their dream. 

When and where did anyone say Network Marketing AKA owning your own business was going to be easy? It’s not but it can be worth it!

Here’s why. 

Probably half of the people on my Facebook friends list are in some type of Network Marketing from health and wellness to make up, whatever I need, I can buy it from a friend online today. I don’t even notice them anymore because most of them are playing follow the leader.  They are all Facebook messaging me the same text, doing the same live videos and contests. Most of them don’t even use original images or try to make it interesting anymore. It's like a copy and paste business and then they wonder why It’s not producing thousands of dollars in revenue each month and why women aren’t begging to be on their team. 

So how do you fix it?


Yep, it’s really that simple. You are selling YOU. Not the product.  Why should they buy it from you? What are you offering that's different and unique? Is the product all you talk about or do you offer other information that is helpful? Are you truly being of service or are you being salesy and icky all the damn time? Is your personality coming through, do you genuinely want to be of service or just in it for the money? 

After a few years in Network Marketing myself I realized the same old, same old wasn’t working. I also noticed that I enjoyed helping other women build a unique business around their MLM more than building my own. I was better suited as an Empowerment Coach. To help others to stand out and be more of them selves. To help these women get out of their own way and head. 

What if that company goes belly up, do you still want people to know YOU and trust YOU? What if one day you decide your true purpose isn’t selling a health product but promoting health in general?  This is why building a company around YOU and incorporating your MLM is the best way to be successful. I have helped many women do just that and have seen the difference. It’s time to work smarter not harder and be the unicorn amongst all the horses.


Are you ready to be an original?


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The Power of Forgiveness

"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." - Famous Quote

Hearing this today has a whole new meaning. I have been in the practice of forgiveness for years now, almost to the point it felt forced. I would have days where I was screaming in my head, just let this shit go, woman. Forgive them, Forgive them, Forgive them and forgive yourself. Why is this so hard? Why isn't this working?  I craved that peaceful feeling of release where my chest no longer felt tight and heavy when I thought of them.  I just wanted to live in joy. This shit had to go. 

I have spent a lot of money on energy healers, books, readings etc. Always looking outside myself for the answer to why my life was not progressing as I envisioned it in my dreams. Always getting the same answer, FORGIVENESS. Yet I somehow could not figure out the key to forgiveness.  I just wanted to be FREE of the chains weighing me down, I just wanted to be happy. I just wanted to be successful. 

Sound familiar? 

I had a breakthrough in my daily practice this morning. As I answered my daily journal prompt, this time, what came through was much different. As I began to write the same old shit,  "I blame them for this, they did this to my brother, they did this to my father", a loud voice came from within and I heard ..."Did she hold a gun to their head? Um well NO. So how is "She" to blame for their actions?

HOLY SHIT, face palm. She's not. 

I always preach take 100% responsibility for your life. Own your shit. Own your part in any situation.  So did that just not apply to that situation? Of course, it did.

I couldn't control what this person did and neither could they, HOWEVER, they could control how they reacted to it. The reaction they chose is what actually has me upset at the other person. How silly is that? This was a wake-up call.  I had already forgiven my father and brother for their choices, yet still held so much resentment and anger for the person who in reality made mistakes, but didn't force them to do anything. I had no right to blame them for someone else actions. No matter how much I wanted to, it just made no sense. I felt the energy of my hate begin to dissolve and I began to feel compassion for this person. I had been drinking the poison for years and hoping they would die. But I was only killing myself. I finished journaling my thoughts and then brought this person forward in a visualization exercise and said the words, I'm sorry, I love you and I forgive you, can you forgive me?.  I visualized them telling me It's okay, you made a mistake, you are free now.  I took inventory of my body, no tightness, no heaviness, I really was free. Halleluja!! 

The answers were inside of me the whole time. Every day I devote to my practice is another day I heal and lean into the faith versus fear. My daily practice is the key.  The answers are in you too, are you ready to unlock and awaken your soul to your truth?

Lots of light & high vibes,


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Stepping into my TRUTH.

When I embarked on this Journey of self-improvement  I didn't know what I was looking for, all I knew was I wanted to feel better. I was done with feeling overwhelmed, overstressed, anxious and tired all the time.  I just wanted to be happy and at peace with myself.  

Have you ever heard the statement, "When the student is ready the Teacher appears"?  I can tell you first hand how true this is. When I finally decided to change my life and surrender, everything began to unfold beautifully.  Over the first 6 months of my Journey, I met so many amazing women, teachers, and mentors. Some talked about faith in Jesus and some talked about meditation, the universe and believing in a power greater than themselves. I found myself at a crossroads and began to travel down the spiritual road once again.                      

This internal battle has gone on for years with me.  When I was a young I would go to church with my girlfriend and her family. I enjoyed going to church and what I was learning but didn't like the shaming and judgment that accompanied believing in anything other than exactly what the bible said or not acting a certain way. It really became a turn off for me. 

Then a few years later I was introduced to Sylvia Brown and was immediately enthralled. Not so much by her Physic ability (though it's kinda cool) but by her strong connection with a power greater than herself and her out of the box thinking. She embraced the unknown and explored alternative ways of healing and helping people.  This is about the time I entered the "Spiritual Closet". I read all her books about spirit guides, Astro projection, the meaning of the afterlife, chakras, Akashic records, past lives etc. I wanted to know about it all. I was so drawn to it. This, however, was not something that was widely accepted.

I never stopped believing in God though. However, because we live in a world where we have to label everything and everyone,  I began telling people I was spiritual and not religious. It just seemed easier. 

Fast forward to now and I have reconnected to both. I began with meditating and reconnecting with my "woo-woo" side, only to feel this calling to God as well. Why did I have to choose? Why do we have to put labels on everything?

I hadn't been to church on a regular basis in years and just felt the urge to go again. I had this weird pull to a church in a city near my home, I didn't know the name but knew there was a church there I needed to go to. After telling this to my husband and a few other people I was told the name "One Harbor", I just knew in my gut that was it.  I still had resistance and put off going for months even though I think I drove my husband crazy over talking about it. 

I was once again afraid that I would be labeled, that It was going to be the same old thing. The call, however, got louder and louder.  I was being guided and I knew it.  There was a message I was meant to hear and people I was meant to connect with.  Well, I found my church! I feel at home there and the way the Pastor speaks about the scriptures is just the way I need to hear it. This part of my journey has just begun, but the message here is that I can have both. A lot of what the pastor has spoken about has been in line with what I already practiced, just packaged a little different. But the overall message I needed to hear, finally came through. I just had to hear it in a new way.

I recently went through a 40-day Devotional to awaken my soul. I wanted to slow down and connect to a power greater than me. I wanted clarity, peace and what I felt was missing from my life. I was tired of living from a place of fear and scarcity and wanted to be able to lean on faith more. It was the most amazing thing I have ever done. It forever changed me and I now know that I can pray to God and The Universe. I can sit in meditation and hear the messages from God and my Spirit Guides.  I can be guided by a power far greater than me and faith that I am on the right path. I can witness my fears, sit with them, feel them and when I'm ready, I can surrender it and return to a place of peace and faith.  My bounce back rate today is better than ever. My anxiety is almost non-existent and when I mess up, which happens weekly if not daily, I no longer feel the need to self-sabotage, medicate with food or alcohol and beat myself up for days. It has been that LIFE CHANGING.

This doesn't, however, mean that I still don't drop the F-bomb, love NASCAR racing, playing in the dirt, camping etc. I just have a bad-ass devotion practice and a god given talent to help others in multiple ways.

I am now living in MY TRUTH which includes a daily practice that keeps me grounded and feeling alive. It includes a little bit of everything and that's okay because it's all source energy. It's all love, no matter how you look at it.  Whatever you believe in, just know that you are always being guided, sometimes we just need to quite the noise and explore new things to hear the answer to the questions we have been asking.

My hope is that we all will begin to embrace our truth without fear and judgment from ourselves or others. That we all can begin to shine bright and become the beacon of light someone else desperately needs. 

Are you ready to step into your truth?

With lots of light and positive vibes,



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Trapped in the dark.

Do you ever feel like your trapped in the dark? You get so frantic searching for the right way, you begin to fear you're never going to find your way out at all? I recently went through this. I was filled with anger, resentment, and anxiety. I heard playing in my head, you're not good enough, smart enough, spiritual enough. I was consumed with guilt that I may fail.  ALL OF THIS IS FEAR.  All of this is my EGO running the show and blocking my light from shining.  

The dark is simply the absence of light and fear is simply the absence of faith. Fear and Faith can't live in the same place.  I had temporarily lost faith in who I am and where I am going.  All of the sudden everything was a flight, I was resisting everything I knew. I literally was fighting with my higher self instead of allowing love to take over.

The quote by Abraham-Hicks that describes this best is, "There is always a stream of well-being that flows, you can either  allow it or resist it, but it flows just the same." 

I visit this stream often in my mediation. Each day as I meditate I release my fears from the past, present, and future into the stream of well-being and watch them dissolve into pure love.
However, just as an onion, once you peel off one layer you are presented with another. Meaning we are always going to presented with a new layer of issues, new fears, new ways to get trapped in the dark. That is the moment we need to ask for the miracle, ask to see the situation differently, ask to see it with love instead.

It can be hard in that moment, especially if you are so far down the rabbit hole there is no speck of light. Just as you are told to remain calm in the face of a disaster, fire, earthquake etc. When we are faced with a difficult situation or even just something that angers us. We need to be slow to speak, remain calm and immediately ask to see this differently, to see it with love,  to release the judgment that we are placing on the person. That is when the miracle happens and faith can enter instead of fear.

Like me, when we do slip into the dark rabbit hole of fear from time to time. We need to be quick to forgive ourselves and find the beauty in the situation. The beauty can simply be a reminder that you began to live in fear again versus faith, it could be that your a stronger person, a better mother or a better wife knowing what doesn't work. 

So this week choose love, choose faith and most of all choose to see things differently. Plug into your higher self, then and only then can you shine your light onto another.  

Sending lots of love and high vibes,


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50/50 Shot (Story 6)

There is nothing worse than driving down a two lane highway with nowhere to pull off and a sick man sitting in the passenger seat that you need to get home before you can take care of yourself.  Seriously, it was terrifying, except he never knew I was terrified. I remained calm the whole way home from the grocery store, that day until I got there and I even put the damn groceries away. See,  on the way to the Piggly Wiggly that day my lip and the left side of my face started to go numb, then my arm and hand but it wasn't like so bad that I couldn't grip the steering wheel. However, as we walked around the store I noticed it getting worse and head pain coming from just one spot. As we drove home, it becomes impossible to grip the wheel with both hands and my leg began to go numb on the same side. This is the moment I knew I was in trouble and needed to get home as soon as possible and get my father situated so that I could call 911.

So here I am talking to the 911 operator as I put away the groceries, I swear we think men are stubborn, truth is we are just as bad! As I wait for the ambulance, I am walking around all cockeyed trying to get my dad situated because half my body is numb. Fully thinking in my head still, oh I didn't have a stroke, they won't take me! Can you picture texting your husband  3 days after saying "I do" and telling him, Um... There is am an ambulance on the way to get me, can you go pick up Austin! At this point, I am starting to lose it!  So off to the hospital I went where a good friend Bobbi met me and my husband soon followed. FYI, my husband didn't know what was wrong really, my phone was on vibrate and I was in no position to answer it.

Where we live, we do not have Neurologists on staff at our hospital for situations like this. So after some testing and video conferencing to a robot with a Neurologist from another hospital on it... (still really weird to me) they determined I had a mild stroke and could possibly stay numb on that side of my body permanently or I could take this crazy expensive medicine that acts like a clot buster and could reverse the symptoms. Here is the kicker, the part that brought us to our knees. If I took this medicine I would have to be taken to ICU at Greenville to be monitored for a few days because it also had a 50/50 shot of making it worse or even death like 1-4 odds.  This is not a decision you make lightly but I was pretty certain I didn't want to spend the rest of my life half limp either. 

After some talking, we decided to take the chance and put faith into the doctors and the medicine that it would make me better. Afters it was administered I was transported to Greenville ICU to go through further testing and waiting. Oh, man, did I go through more testing alright, I mean I was scanned, poked, prodded, x-rayed, hooked up and more.... you name it they did it. I think I saw, no lie, around 30 doctors!!!! They all asked the same damn questions too... like don't you people take notes! Ugh, nobody could seem to figure out exactly what happen. I could have had a stroke and the medicine worked, however, I was now getting severe headaches, or I could have had a seizure. When you think of a seizure, you think of convulsing and foaming at the mouth... or is that just me???  Never the less like 5 days later I was released, complete feeling returned to my left side and on seizure medication a lot of it and told I can't drive.  oh, joy!

Well, the not driving part went out the window two days later, I mean it's not like they took my drivers license away or anything. I mean I had a son to get to school, a dad to get to doctor's appointments, etc. Thankfully they didn't put seizures on my Medical Records or the state would have taken my license. They still at this point were guessing anyway and on top of that, I was put on anxiety meds as well. 

This combo of medicine was just debilitating, sure I wasn't in pain from my severe new headaches anymore or anxious, but I guess you wouldn't be either if your sleeping 70% of the time and the 30% you are walking around in a fog. This was my new reality I guess, I had to figure it out because we would be closing on the house in a few days and I would be slammed busy with new house stuff or so I thought........

Note added: the Hind site is always 20/20, I am in a better place now mentally and spiritually.  I didn't have seizures or anything major wrong with me, my body was just shutting down. I wasn't caring for it at all, I never stopped one minute for myself. I basically wore the tires down to nothing, lost my brakes, and once the wires started to go it was too late. If we don't take the time we need to slow down and take care of ourselves our body will force it one way or another.  

xoxo, Johanna

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This is me getting brain mapped with electrodes while in ICU.

This is me getting brain mapped with electrodes while in ICU.

Never truer words spoken

Never truer words spoken

The other F Word (Forgiveness)

The other "F word" most don't address is FORGIVENESS.  You may say that you forgive someone or even yourself but did you really? You may even ask, what does it matter anyway? It has nothing to do with why I'm broke, why I feel not good enough or stuck, etc. 

Darlin, it has everything to do with why you are stuck, and why you feel the way you do.

When we get stuck in negative beliefs, have paralyzing fear or constantly have the same or similar thing's happen to us over and over again, do you ever wonder where that came from? Do you ever say to yourself, WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?

Do you think these thought's and feeling's just appeared in your brain and heart out of thin air? Or do you just assume you have bad luck?

Fear, comes from something that has happened to us in the past and we have not let go of. Limiting beliefs, come from something in the past that we have not let go of.
Being unhappy, blaming others for things/events and not living your dream life,  ALL comes from somewhere in your past. AN EVENT, SITUATION, A PERSON AND/OR EVEN A MISTAKE YOU MADE.

So how do you really forgive and how do you know you have moved past it?

I have many techniques that I use to help women do the forgiveness work needed but I am going to use the garden for now as my example. 

"Your heart is your garden and the weeds are the events/people/situations that need to be forgiven. Clean it up." -Johanna Burkhardt

Start be assessing the garden and locating as many weeds as you can, then one by one you are going to pull them out (forgive them).  Done? NOPE.

Now you need to neutralize the soil by clearing any remaining debris, add some fresh nutritive soil and plant a new seed and give it lots of love ( Light & Water).

Now we wait... I usually wait at least a few days, sometimes a week and revisit my garden. I reassess and if I find that a few have managed to come back, I start the process again to ensure that those weeds are gone forever.

I use this metaphor because I hope that every time you looks at a garden you remember that it's just like your heart. It's an area for beautiful things and love to grow, and weeds are just a waisted space.

Life is too short not to live a life we truly love.  The abundance, freedom and love we are blocking due to these dreaded "weeds" can be changed, when your ready to do the work. It's time to clear the garden and make room for all that's coming. 

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Pizza and Champaign fix everything (Story 5) 

I will be honest a lot of my wedding day is a blur, is that bad? We obsess over everything being perfect and in it's place and for what? Nobody cares honestly and if they do, well guess what that's their problem! That morning Jen (the best friend) and Kelly (the future sister in law) and I woke up in our hotel on the beach and prepared to head to the reception site to finish the final prep for the wedding. Here's a tip, Hire someone to do that for you, trust me! Anyway, of course because if I didn't have enough things to stress over I decided to stress and obsess over all the little details at the reception and get ticked off when things didn't go my way. Never a good way to start your wedding day if I do say so myself.  Never the less we got through and it was as good as it was going to get. 

As I am in the car going over a verbal checklist of everything, I start to panic and freak out because I had forgotten things like cash to pay the DJ etc, Jen at some point handed me a cup full of champaign! Well, isn't she a smart cookie. Seriously, I think it saved me from having a heart attack that day! We arrive at the salon and I continue to drink at least a bottle an half of champaign as my hair is getting styled and the girls then show up with a pizza! Now how can you be stressed eating pizza and drinking champaign! This day was getting easier and easier! Not exactly the best way to fix the problem but it was a the best solution at the time, I'm still here so I guess we will say Champaign and Pizza fixed it! 

When I arrived at the house where we were getting married, a calm came over me. I saw my dad in the yard he looked happy and handsome! My boys were stylin and really loving all the attention they were getting from everyone! I was ready, this is the moment you never forget! As I walked out and met my dad I immediately welled up with tears, I was so happy he was hear and in this moment. He had death grip on me as we walked through the grass and tried to walk on an aisle runner that refused to stay pinned to the ground. We made it to the groom and as he hands me over he casually says... "Good Luck"... OMG everyone started busting up laughing, this was my dad, he was definetly fully present and in the moment! It was awesome!

We exchanged funny but loving personal vows and sand ceremony with the kids it was just perfect. Once the wedding was over we started the typical wedding party photos, though I was obsessed with making sure I had pictures with my dad that I now have probably 500 wedding photos with my dad and only a few with my actual wedding party! I know I should be thankful that I have these pictures and don't get me wrong I totally am but I wish I would have been in the frame of mind to realize that  I didn't need that many and just go ahead and take the traditional wedding photos, nothing bad will happen to you for choosing to do that! Hind site is always 20/20.  Dad made it to the reception and was able to see our first dance which was amazing, when it came to the father daughter dance he said no. I was so sad by this and kinda thought he would at least try but he didn't. After the dances finished, instead of walking around and visiting with people, or sitting down to eat I was obsessively watching my father, did he need something?, were people getting in his way?, Was he hungry?, was he trying to drink?, did he want to go home?..... Yep I couldn't even stop on my day and let things be; I was nervous and worried and wanted to make sure he was taken care of. 

Finally he asked to be taken home and we were able to arrange for that to happen.  Which was a good thing because it allowed me to relax a bit and enjoy my night! Which finished with us getting picked up by a stretch limo excursion to be taken to our hotel! We were taking the all the kids in the limo to our house to stay with my dad, they were going to watch each other, and allow us to have a night off on our wedding night to have some fun! Let me tell you it was fun, like grown men riding toys horses fun and racing small cars in your wedding dress haha.... oh man we have inside jokes to this day still about that night!  The next day we all had an awesome breakfast together before having to go tear apart everything we have put up and get back to reality! 

Well the wedding is done and I can officially put one big stressor behind me!  Its been 3 days since the wedding and for the first time I have absolutely nothing to do, so dad says lets go to The Pig, (Grocery Store), sure why not I say! About 5 minutes into the drive half my face starts to go numb, then my arm ..... I silently think what in the world is happening to me??????

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xoxo, Johanna