Johanna is  a full time thriving business owner, spiritual teacher, spiritual seeker, author, speaker, blogger, mother of three, wife and founder of The Soul Awakening Project.

Loving myself through the process of owning my own story is a project that I have embarked on several times without fully stepping into my truth until 2015, when I was brought to my knees and chose to fully accept and embark on my transformational journey instead of ending my life.  


My life has been full of trauma and struggle like so many others. I controlled, hid, numbed and manipulated my life till my anxiety ran so high it caused paralysis in half my body and was misdiagnosed with a stroke. The 7 months following were some of the darkest in my life. I could have continued to play the victim, numb it out, wear the mask and pretend life was ok, while dying inside. I chose to LIVE. I chose to step into my truth, forgive deeply, change my mindset and connect and reply on a power greater than me. I chose to awaken my soul.

Having spent most of my life in the corporate life from Real Estate to Insurance always quickly advancing up the ranks and pay scale, one thing always remained, IT WAS NEVER ENOUGH. 


Even after all the years I have had as an entrepreneur, working with large companies putting insurance in place, or to running my network marketing business, I found my self longing more... My love and passion for helping others.


It was time to go ALL in. After documenting my own transformational journey, hiring the best high level coaches and trainings, I can tell you I am standing tall in my truth with a grin from ear to ear, blazing the trail for other women ready to up level their life, profession and awaken their soul.

When I am not coaching other women you will find me with my boys or daughter enjoying the outdoors, laying on the beach on a warm day, barbecuing with friends, or dancing around the house to our favorite playlist.. Any time I get with my family is a good day!

Lots of light & good vibes, 
Family Vacation to Mexico.

Family Vacation to Mexico.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I am a Cancer and lover of the sun & the moon.
  • I am Clairvoyant & Clairsentient and learning to open up my gift's more  everyday.
  • I am obsessed with nature and find it very grounding.
  • I love NASCAR and racing in general.
  • Friends fanatic, Pivot, pivot (lol)

Johanna has completed and graduated from:
Marie Forleo's B-School
Jack Canfield Coaching
Gabby Bernstein SpiritJunkie Masterclass Level 1

She has also been featured on:

Badassery Magazine
Spiritually Fulfilled Women Telesummit

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