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Welcome to The Soul's Evolution.
It's time to recognize and become aware that we are more than just this human body and earthly experience. We are multi-dimensional. We are a soul, trying to come into the body to have a very tangible experience of the frequency. So that we can evolve our soul, ascend the human body, and assist mother earth with her ascension. 
When we move out of the extremes of duality and step into the totality of WHO we are, we no longer take this journey so seriously. 


We begin to explore the frequencies being offered and enjoy the life we are living. We no longer hold on to the past or fear the future because we understand that this is just a temporary experience and that everything is energy offering us an opportunity. It's time to embody your soul and experience the freedom your soul is craving. It is possible for you because I am you and I am living proof.I am here to activate you, liberate you, and accelerate your soul's evolution.Are you ready?

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Johanna is a Multi-Dimensional Channel, Teacher, and Healer. Her mission is to help you to become the creator of your reality by embodying their soul and soul family of beings that are also you. Guiding you through from where they are to where they want to be and alchemizing anything in between.  You are always attracting WHO you are based upon the frequencies inside of you and the version of you that is leading the human self.

Whether you are ready to step into your mission and leadership role to be the change you desire to see or you want to begin the journey of self-discovery and self-mastery, you are in the right place. Johanna's unique gift on omniscience allows her to help you get to the root of any limiting beliefs, trauma, patterns, or programs that aren't serving you and integrate that aspect of you making massive space for your unique gifts to be activated.

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Meet Johanna

Johanna Burkhardt is a Multi-Dimensional Channel, Medium, Quantum Coach, Author,  Quantum Energy Facilitator, Certified DNA Activation and  Restructurer, and Creator of The Quantum Accelerated  Alchemy Method and The  Purification Process.  She has been seen in many magazines, podcasts, radio shows and tele-summits. Johanna’s mission is to help others to become the change they want to see and be able to sustain the reality they are desiring through energy management, quantum leaping and coming into balance with your mind, body, and soul. 

Johanna's gift of Omniscents and Omnipresents allows her to easily access your divine truth of any space and time with your energy and bring you into a sacred union with that truth.

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