Welcome Loves,

I am Johanna Burkhardt, Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Mentor. My souls purpose is to guide women to up level their life, business and awaken their soul. 

Being seen. Being visible. Being raw and real about who you truly are isn't easy. 
We hide from fear of judgement, from others not understanding us, or sometimes it may be even because we don't understand ourselves. We listen to the negative feedback loop playing in our head, we play small and we numb the pain and the noise. 

I went through a very dark time and when I came out I wanted to set the word on fire, in a good way of course. I wanted to shout to the world I see you, I was you, I can guide you... 

As my spiritual gifts continue to expand and I am connecting more than ever to the Divine, my purpose get's clearer. 

Being connected is my medicine, it hold all the answers, it holds my truths. It's the only thing that matters.

I am here for a reason. I am a healer. I am a teacher. 
I will shine my light bright and be the light house for all those ready to accept their light. 

Are you ready to rise?